Movie Review – Gone Girl

Posted: November 22, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Amy goes ‘missing’ for a while and comes back to Nick covered with blood. She comes close to him and ‘faints’ in his arms. Just at that moment Nick whispers in Amy’s ears, “you f****n b!#ch”. That tells you the whole story.

gone girl

Finchers recurring theme has been desolation, loneliness, angst, boredom and he takes it to next level with this movie in the form of bitchiness. If it was a bored office goer in Fight club, a society misfit in Girl with Dragon Tattoo, it is a thrill seeking but Amazing Amy here in Gone Girl. Wow what a performance by Rosamund Pike and where did she really come from. Such a pretty damsel who transforms into one helluva b!#ch as the movie progresses. Sorry can’t avoid her calling b!#ch again and again. Such an awesome performance. This movie somehow reminded me of Mullholand Drive. The silent eeriness which takes its own sweet time to progress, step by step, step by step. When it comes to an end it completes the circle.

Got to know a few days back that the zooming in which happened in a couple of scenes were actually planned for Indian release so that there wouldn’t be any cuts. Bad that the technique wasn’t there during ‘The Girl with Dragon Tattoo’. Otherwise it’d have seen a release here without any cuts. I loved the zooming technique. I thought it’s one of the new fancy camera things these blockbuster directors somehow find out. I loved it. It zooms in to some part of the screen which you don’t focus. For example when Nick goes out of the room after his sister gets to know about his affair. The camera zooms in to the door knob from the screen which gave a false impression that he’s going to leave a finger print or something.

The film’s opening gives you enough mystery to start with right away but doesn’t give any clue about the mystery or the motive behind it. I thought that Amy is dead, Affleck is a psychopath etc. We are supposed to suspect Affleck but we also know that he’d be the person to have committed the crime. The question is who? And when it is revealed after a series of cute flashbacks we totally get into the story. It’s stunning, giving us a wide grin as well as hating the plotter.

Nick finds about the mystery through the series of clues that Amy has left for her but how exactly? I couldn’t deduce that. Not that I complain. I was too overwhelmed by the series of events. Ben Affleck should be given the highest credit for acting in a movie where no one would appreciate him, has to play a complete loser and second fiddle to one of the most amazing characters on screen. This character of Amazing Amy is as powerful as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard. Nick is the silent batsmen in a century plus partnership letting the other guy take the whole of strike and smash it around all corners. Robin Uthappa influence you see. For Affleck this could very well be the Argo of the year. This film sure stands as the forerunner for best film and best actress for the Oscars. For the latter I’m sure this is pretty much it.

Good to see Neil Patrick Harris on screen with suits of course but sans the Barney charm. I’m sure he’s going to be a legen – wait for it – dary host at the Oscars. I’m pretty much sure that he’s going to take cue from this movie for some Oscar gig. He has made me get excited about the Oscars this time. Let’s see how he fares.

It’s pretty bad to say it but Amy is an enigma. It’d be awesome to have a wife like her. I’m not sure how the first hand treatment would be but there will always be something to look forward too. I was grinning all the while after she plots to corner Neil Patrick Harris.

That falling into Nick’s hand giving a romantic pose even on her fall was terrific. The music played when she comes out of the hospital in a wheel chair was like Tom Cruise coming out after giving a speech in Born on the fourth of July. Satire to the highest level. The way she irritates Nick to come up with the pregnancy topic was a treat to watch. A usually subtle nick pushing her against the wall gave a lot of oohs and aahs in the theatre but I’m sure everyone would have wanted Nick to kill her at the moment which is pretty much what I expected too.

But closing the movie with the starting scene with a voiceover telling about Amy’s character was one of the best climaxes ever. The way she gets out of the bed and looks at you in her white dress, you want to fall for her even though she’s one helluva b!#ch. This film gave me such a high. Amy truly is amazing.


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