Movie Review – Boyhood

Posted: November 22, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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There are certain movies you can watch alone, then there are certain movies you have to watch alone. Boyhood falls in the second category. I’m assured that no director can give me pleasure as much as Linklater does.  I won’t even have a second thought before calling him the greatest.


I love Linklater not because of his cinema. Its more than that, no one has appealed to me more personally than him. Waking life and Slacker was my idea of making films. I would have wanted to make those films. Those ideas were mine but here is this guy who has made it more profound than I ever will. Before Sunrise on an open rooftop changed my entire perspective of love story. That film gave me so much hope. I’m still basking under its beauty.

It was such an awesome feeling to watch the film in theatre, alone! As expected the movie had limited release and it didn’t even release in Sathyam. Add to it I had already booked for Gone Girl that weekend which meant that I literally didn’t have time. I also knew that the movie be taken out of theatres by Friday so I had to watch it before Thursday. I preferred to leave office by afternoon, take the pain of juggling with public transport to watch the theatre in Inox which I somehow like as it gives a ‘theatric’ feeling rather than the ‘spa’ feel of Sathyam.

The film wasn’t projected full screen, the disclaimer mentioned that. I got ‘you-gotta-be-kiddin’-me’ feeling. This guy isn’t afraid of anything. I’m happy that he’s not famous. I don’t want everyone to get the pleasure I get while watching Linklaters films.

Everything I had heard about the film was positive. It was a 12 year epic. The theatre smart asses as usual were saying something about the film. Two of them uttered, “The first 20 minutes….” I didn’t know what the first twenty minutes had differently. I couldn’t find out till the end of the film.

The film’s opening scene is the poster scene. We see a young boy talking just about how a young boy would talk in a Linklater movie. His family consist of his sister and his single mother apart from him. There is also a divorced husband in the form of Ethan Hawke, oh what a pleasure it was to see him. It was as if I was seeing my favorite relation after a gap of several years. I missed Julie Delpy, but it’s okay, I can’t expect to see both of them in all film of his. But so far I’ve managed to see them in all films of his, thus the expectation.

There are so many films in which you could see the actors growing but no film has shown this much ingenuity when a character grows. You hardly feel like he’s growing. You feel as if you’ve lived with them. Haven’t you come across situation where you visit your hometown after a year and everyone says that your sister’s hair had grown a lot but you hardly can find any difference? That’s the feel with the film. If you take the first shot and last shot you can see how much these guys have grown but you hardly feel it in the film.

The movie is hailed as the greatest because it’s the closest to what real life could be. Hoop dreams was equally awesome but still it was cinematic and it was documentary. Nothing against documentary but with documentary you have the liberty which you generally don’t have with fiction. With Boyhood Linklater doesn’t yield to his instinct of loading us with dialogue for about 12 years. Nothing, absolutely nothing happens in the film. How could a person have that much control over himself? Generally you see characters who are super honest in his films. Jessie and Celine are fragment of one cell, waking life is about multiple fragments of that one cell but here the only guy who is profound is Mason. That too towards the fag end of the movie. All the rest of the while he’s a listener who watches what’s happening without slightest of contempt.

His dad talks about contraception he watches, his mother undergoes a couple of divorce and cries when he leaves for college he watches, his new dad throws glass at him, he watches. That’s how he lives his life. What’s more appalling is how our life is pathetic than an individual who’s not least bit interested in any of the activities. See what all he does with his life before he gets to the college. Even though he’s silent he has so many experiences which an average Indian boy, no not even boy. An average Indian men too wouldn’t have gone through. That made me sad.

Only during his final year in school and the Facebook dialogue he utters he finally arrives. It was awesome to see how his first girlfriend is totally out of sync with his character. Then he goes to college, sees a girl and ‘talks’, the main ingredient of any Linklater film. Only when he talks he gets to know that he has become a Jessie and he has got his Celine. That looking at each other scene in the climax is an example.

It was funny that how come no one still didn’t get it. Didn’t you get it too? It’s a prequel to Before series. Yes, the moment does seize us.


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