Movie Review – 3

Posted: November 2, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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I have this thing in me. Whenever I want to watch a certain Tamil film and miss out on the first week I rarely watch it again. ‘3’ was highly anticipated. Not because of ‘Kolaveri’ of course but because of the sizzling chemistry between Dhanush and Shruthi. They looked very gorgeous together. I thought it’d be great to see a good love story after a long time. But the comments I got was ‘3 is a psycho story again by Dhanush’ irritated me. How many times would this guy act as a psycho? Moreover the movie didn’t fare well and there were numerous memes about Shruthi which was funny actually so I didn’t watch. This is the problem with Tamil films. You get to hear a lot of opinions. I’ve almost stopped talking about films with all my friends. Even though they don’t want to say something deliberately they do tell something about the movie without their knowledge. It’s unavoidable when it comes to Tamil movies. This is what happened with respect to ‘3’


‘3’ was a pleasant surprise. It’s good when you have no expectations. It’s even better when you have negative expectations. I knew for sure that Dhanush would have nailed the first part in school. ‘3’ was supposed to be three different stages of their love life. First one was the school life. Dhanush could act this even in his sleep. Sivakarthikeyan too was such a good accomplice. He provides the much needed comic relief along with Dhanush himself. All the one liners he had added during the rerecording were a treat to watch. You don’t know what Sunder does with them because he is the one with drafter, casual dress and all. Was he a polytechnic student or a college going guy? How did they become friends? You don’t have answer for these questions and it’s for good.

The next part was that of they both being college going students. Shruthi parents get the visa and Dhanush gets irritated with her as soon as she tells him. See how much they’ve got comfortable. He doesn’t blush when she first comes to see him, in fact he scolds him for asking him to come to that place. And she cries after telling him the information. Why Shruthi’s mom wants to go to US where Shruthi’s sister says was again not explained. Good. Back when the film had released I had said, “See how much Dhanush had showed variation in different stages of life, Shruthi hasn’t done anything except changing her hair style.” The other guy said, “Even her breast size differs with the progress of the movie.” That’s how much detailing Aishwarya had done. Talking about detailing in the same scene when you see Dhanush hairstyle, the spikes are stupid, it’s as if we do at home with our hands. Sometimes comes good but never would it look like how they how in the gel add. It was beautiful.

And just before the interval happens the best scene in the movie. Shruthi burns her passport but I don’t know whether it’s such a big deal as to get a new passport but the point is the drama. See what all has to happen in a middle class family, burning of passport, dad locking himself in the room, mom crying and above all to persuade the parents a mute sister has to talk. Beauty was that she talks only during that scene and never after that. On the other hand Dhanush just has a few seconds of ‘life matter’ talk with his father Prabhu who is always working. Needless to say he was brilliant so were the whole of supporting cast. The way Dhanush asks his father, “mokka podatha pa” and the way he hesitates to fall on his in laws feet and Rohini’s expression for the same were all so brilliantly made.

I’m not sure how much of the movie was directed by Aishwarya. Dhanush has expressed a keen interest to direct in most of the interviews and post ‘3’ he has also acted in films where technicians are the ones whom he’s comfortable with. That brings the best out of him. Even though it’s not about who had made the film. It’s about how well the film was made. I have no complaints of the latter.

Post Interval was what people hated the most but too was equally well made. During the interval scene the camera zooms into a larger than life portrait of Dhanush showing us that he’s going to dominate in the second half. It’s the same picture one guy tells, “konjam perusa iruku sir” to Prabhu. That shows how he’s going to be bigger in the second half.

Dhanush with his bipolar disorder or the so called ‘psycho’ act was ruthless. In fact the whole of second half was haunting. The only bad situation was the Kolaveri song which looked totally out of place. The action sequence was brilliant and so easily oozes out the heroism. That was a clever move. The scenes were the green people come was truly scary. Add to it there was intermittent power cut while I was watching the movie so it really added to the scares. When Dhanush kills the dog and manipulates it was awesome. I was curious to see how the movie takes a turn after that. Whether he’s going to turn villainous or something new but it took the safer path.

I have to mention about the first night scene. It was one of the best first night scenes ever. Second only to ‘Chinna Veedu’ first night sequence. But not everyone is Bhagyaraj. The scene was really cute. Music stood out only on that scene. Most of the other scenes had song music as background baring the fight sequence which again was good.

The movie would have been awesome if the last ten minutes had been cut off. They could have stopped right at the point where he cries after hitting his friend and making him unconscious. It could have ended with Shruthi crying there. That would have left us with more questions and more memory. But still the ending was a decent one. Dhanush’s knife act does the justice.


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