Movie Review – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Posted: October 23, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Don’t know what Blomvist got out of Harriet case but I at last found solace with my obsession. You know the history so I’ll keep it short. The startup was a bad experience the book didn’t really excite me, the Swedish movie was even worse, it was exactly how a book mustn’t be adapted but the David Fincher did what Abhishek Kapoor did out of Three Mistakes of My Life. I wouldn’t have called the movie that good if it hadn’t involved the climax twist. May be still it’s a bit low than Kai Po Che and definitely nowhere near the best remake ever, Departed but still it packed the punch. Fincher showed what a professional it was.

the girl with the dragon tattoo (english)

When you have big names, studios, all the money in the world you give a glossy product, yes. But the glossy product here was classy too. He adapted everything from the book that was needed except for the Cecilia affair. The thriller part was just for an hour. The movie was more of a drama. The parallels between Salander and Blomkvist were excellent till they meet. In fact their meeting scene created as much drama as it did in the book. The way he nonchalantly walks in, Salanders insecurity and stuff. It was so brilliant.

The movie’s title sequence itself gives you an ample proof that a lot of digging in has happened. That sequence could give any Bond title credits a run for their money. It also reminded me of the sex scene in Fight Club which was brilliant which in turn was done by a body double as informed by Helena Bonham Carter. She did spoil the fun by reveling the detail. What an actor that Bellatrix Lestrange lady is? She brought the whole flavor of the character in Harry Potter.

I wasn’t really satisfied with the Rooney Mara character. She looked more normal than required except for the first scene where she meets Dirch Frode who in turn was fabulous. He had a mix of curious and cunning look which would have made people who weren’t aware of the story to suspect him. I was wondering why in the book there wasn’t an angle about Frode’s behavior or some antics of him. He was shown as a straightforward admirer of Mr. Vanger. Blomkvist on the other had was perfect. Daniel Craig was perfectly suited for the role. He was heroic, yes but that added to the substance. When I read the book Blomkvist didn’t look like the person who would look like how he did in the Swedish version. Even though they all were brilliant the best of the character was the Cat. Seriously? How did he miss in the Swedish film and I missed in my review too. Bad of us.

There were so many touches by the director which makes the film a worthy watch. First of all Daniel Craigs way of wearing spec. Don’t know from where it came but it was brilliant. The water bottle falling from the fridge, the scene where Harald Vanger tells how Gottfried and Martin are so alike. Best of all is the bible scene by the daughter. In book it looked clichéd but here the way she says her dad not to write something anti catholic and telling out the verses just about when the door of her train closes. Brilliant! Its scenes like these which make the film look good. Whether it’s a remake or adaptation you’ve to give your flavor.

If the above were the places where he had changed certain scenes there were scenes were the characters literally speak the words from the book. The beauty here is to choose where to go by the book and where to differ which Fincher has done excellently well. Needless to say the whole film has a rich feel to it. You expect that out of a mega budget film so it was no surprise to me. Even the climax, the way it was shot was beautiful. The pre climax was just like that in book. He achieved it with the help of fast editing. He might be a studio director but a very good one for that matter.

Thanks to this film I’m ending my obsession with a happy note.


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