Movie Review – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Posted: October 22, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Frankly the movie was irritating like hell. I wasn’t impressed by the book at first place but the movie was skimmed even more and made horrible. Actually the movie makes me think that the book was so intricate and would like to take back the comment that the book was lengthy.

the girl with the dragon tattoo

It’s a general notion that whenever you see a film made out of book you find it bad because of lack of details. I expected it with this one too but if it had been just the lack of details I wouldn’t have got pissed off much but the lack of details which would make this movie at least somewhat different like the relationship between Blomkvist and Cecila, Blomkvist and Erika. The whole final episode about the details of Martin being published has been taken off as the film didn’t have any story about Vanger biography. That means the entire sexual tension and bureaucratic politics was taken off. Even Martin committing suicide and climax was changed. I won’t complain much about the climax of Salander. Both were equally bad. But Martins part at least could have kept as such. Whomever he was Martin did his part well. He deserved a better climax.

The director had played it so safe that it doesn’t even require a least bit of knowledge to understand the film. If you are going to be so dishonest about the book why do you even adapt a book? The writer deserves some credit. Anything which has been changed or anything which was omitted was not at all for the artistry but for pure commercial purpose. Still the length is about two and a half hours.

I couldn’t comment much on the casting part. All the while I was thinking Daniel Craig as Blomkvist while reading. Thanks to the much famous version of the film and also the poster of the book with the leads so having a different actor as Blomkvist and Salander didn’t really sink in. In fact both Salander and Blomkvist did a decent job. Blomkvist was helpless than what I imagined and Salander was more human than the book. They were actors without much gloss so suited well for the film.

The film wasn’t as gory as it was claimed to be. It was a decent commercial pot boiler with enough elements to make you go ‘eww’ in a good way and forget it once you come out of the theatre. Unlike the Eastern Promises sauna fight or the Kill Bill eye ball crush. There isn’t much that is worth remembering for being distinct or special.

Generally in any decent adaptation of book there would be at least one scene where you’d say, “wow it has come out so well” or “wow I never expected the scene to be this way”. Here there is no such ‘wow’ element. And the relationship which Cecila and Blomkvist share in the movie is pretty confusing. When Blomvist says that he’s going to stay for the case he gives a mischievous smile at Cecila and then interrogates her about Harriet. There wasn’t any detailing with respect to the relationship between Cecila and Martin and all of a sudden this scene arrives which doesn’t add to the flow at all. Numerous such instances are there. At the end there isn’t a thing to interpret and the director solves all the riddle for us. Especially Salander. A feminist woman, well all women are feminist, let’s get to that later. A feminist woman in the form of Salander who doesn’t care the way she looks changes into all girly type by the end shows how badly the directly wanted a twist in the ending rather than giving a life to Salander. That spoils the whole enigma of Salander.

While I have been thinking of what exactly made me get hooked of this whole Dragon Tattoo series I think it’s the poster. Its vampires but not, portrait of a man and a woman who stare at us. The colors are brilliant in the background. Wish the film had been half as good as the poster.


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