Book Review – Gitanjali

Posted: October 22, 2014 in Book Reviews
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I’m not really a reader of poems. I’ve always found it tough to understand. Thanks to the bombastic language. I’m taking about the English ones. Tamil lyrics I’m really fond of. Don’t know whether it’ll even count as poetry. Agananur, purananur and all were Greek and Latin for me like Hamlet and Othello.


Other than the language I feel poetry happens all of a sudden and it’s a spark. When you are doing some work and get to read a couple of lines in between you’ll have your full concentration on it and understand it or at least will give a try to understand.

On the other hand when you have it as a collection of poems it’s really tough to concentrate. That’s what happened with Gitanjali. Gitanjali should have been a pocket book which you read every once in a while when you are bored. Rather than reading it as one single book at one single time. The same problem which happened while I watched Decalogue. If I had watched the ten episode giving time for each one to sink in I could have appreciated it better. But I watched all the ten episodes over a weekend and ended up spoiling it.

On a normal day I wouldn’t have picked up Gitanjali. Thanks to the Tagore play which I watched and overwhelmed I read this book. Ever since I watched the play I wanted to read Gitanjali or any of Tagore’s work. What a fascinating character Tagore was. A true artist! Someone who has laid hands on almost every art and mastered the artistry.

More than the poem the Nobel Prize acceptance speech which he came along with this book was awesome. It rekindled my passion to something in my life. I’ve wanted to be a teacher not just because I love the profession but I love the art in it even if I don’t know the subject. Like how Amir Khan tells in 3 Idiots, “I can show you how to teach but not the subject which of course there are many who know better than me.” Tagore also has a point saying that education should come free. He considers it a person’s duty to impart knowledge to others.

I couldn’t comment much on the poems because this is the first time I’m reading poetry from a book which talked about god, happiness, sorrow and death but I don’t have it in me to get what it is. But whatever it was I was happy to have read it.



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