Book Review – The Cat and Shakespeare

Posted: October 21, 2014 in Book Reviews
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How do you write a review about a book in which you didn’t understand even single word. What is a word if the user doesn’t get what you are trying to say? A word gets its meaning only if both get to know the meaning. The one who says it and the one who hears. What makes the one who says the word become superior if the one who hears doesn’t understand it? Words are for mere communication isn’t it. How does better language, superior language or inferior language qualify?

the cat and shakespeare

I write reviews for books I like, I hate, I understand and I don’t understand. Some like it, some hate it and few are irritated who say I don’t have a tip or top to write a review. I honestly didn’t understand what was the tip and the top that was mentioned. Whatever? What gives me the right to write reviews? Moreover what gives him the right to get irritated? But no one needs any right. It’s up to the individual to write, get irritated or do whatever?

I’m judging someone who has said something against me. Or not even against me. It was some random thought for random someone. Worse than that I’m judging a literary work which is not only intended to me but to the whole world. But is judging and reviewing really the same? Is it a sin to voice your opinion for something? Is it meant to be taken personal? Is it an attack on the author or the attack on the authors work? Isn’t it an attack on author even if the attack is on his work? The work is by author. When you hit the second wall you tend to hit the first one too. Or the attack is an attack only if the review is negative?

The book follows the story of Mr. Pai who has a couple of wife, or is it a wife and mistress or is it a wife and an illusion or he himself is an illusion. Other than that he adores Govindhan Nair of whom we hear almost throughout the book. He’s the principle character followed by the cat and her kittens. The kittens come very late in the story so it is about the cat. Is the cat Mr. Pai and the all the ones surrounding him are the kittens.

I thought that reading the introduction will help me understand something about the book. But it only confused me more. I don’t think I’m going to read any of his other books any time sooner as this book will take some time to sink in. But that ‘word’ thing I wrote about in first paragraph was similar to Waking Life monologue about ‘word’. May be that’s why it was the only part I understood.

I felt like calling Pai, Mr. Pai. You can’t reason out why? Similarly you can’t reason out why things happen here. When we are busy digging in Flauberts and Dostoveskies here is a guy who’d make Paulo Coelho go begging.


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