Book Review – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Posted: October 18, 2014 in Book Reviews
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Finchers ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ made me curious about this whole series. Thanks to my procrastination to watch the movie. I got the original Swedish movie which made me even curious. Then I thought I’ll rather read the book first so that I’ll have a better understanding of both the movies. It was Fincher who spoiled it for me. That was a time I was crazy about Fight Club like how every youngster would have been at some point of life. That’s the reason this whole digging up thing happened.

the girl with the dragon tattoo

It’s a huge book. 550 pages. Big books either give you satisfaction or make you so angry by the end of it you want to rip it off and shed into pieces. The latter was exactly what happened when I read ‘The Lost Symbol’. This book took some time to settle. Too many characters, too many places, too many events in too little time. I read in one of the books where it was mentioned a good author would let out all the names in one go but Stieg Larsson here did exactly the same. I know when you write you get attached to characters or assume yourself to one of the characters and write. In that way it makes the writer think that the audience too would be able to remember all the characters name like the writer does.

Here he gives us the entire Vanger chronicle in one go. I never referred to the hierarchy again as it was a page turner you don’t yourself to waste time and look at the hierarchy. Names next to that was pretty confusing. You could hardly differentiate between the names of characters and the places. Even though it took some time to settle I liked the way the story built up with Blomvist on one side and Salander on the other. The love angle of Blomvist and the sexual preference of Salander was done in such a nonchalant way that I was thinking I’m going to read a good book.

But as soon the author delves into the plot everything is lost. It becomes a regular crime drama. It’d have been better if we had more of Blomvist and Salander to read about. Salander and her feminism or the author’s feminism gets to become boring after a time. In fact the single quotes of women in Sweden being sexually harassed etc. and all were escapism so that people won’t get to criticize the work and get more lost in the plot.

May be it was supposed to be a regular pulp fiction which I wasn’t aware of. I thought it to be a super awesome book because it has been translated from other language. But it was indeed a pulp fiction. The author’s eye for details too became bland after the plot starts. On the other hand when I read ‘Airport’ I was astonished by Arthur Hailey’s eye for details. It was a pleasure to read because the detailing went on till the end without affecting the plot. Here the plot affected the detailing. When you are going to write a page turner why don’t you write and stop the turning of pages soon.

I was again saved by my good habit of not reading the first and last page where it was clearly mentioned that the book is about Harriet and not about either Blomvist or Salander. And the climax? Seriously? What was that?

I was very excited to read the book along with the remaining two in the series. But not only my affinity for the book has decreased but I’m not skeptical to even go for the movies.


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