Book Review – Half Girlfriend

Posted: October 18, 2014 in Book Reviews
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The problem with Chetan Bhagat is either you love him or hate him. You can’t ignore him. I made a conscious decision to not read the book but whenever someone sees me reading a book in bus or there is a conversation about any books you end up talking about Chetan Bhagat. Even if you don’t the opposite party does. This guy has got quite an impact with the Indian youth who wanted to add one more book to their shelf. Like his previous book I was literally shoved with this book in my hand and I too have a soft corner with this guy. Five point someone was gem of a book. Any student will like it. But the problem with him his he didn’t try anything different. The books which he wrote later were the ones with loser guys and gorgeous girls. But he didn’t end with that. His worst decision was to try to educate Indian or clean India. Bringing his political view points and stuff. That pretty much spoilt even the least bit of respect I had on him.

half girlfriend

The maximum he could have done was to talk in colleges. His funny anecdotes and how life sucks would have got a lot of applause. But when he started talking about reforming India, share his political viewpoints in paper etc. made him a horrible literary figure. He forgot that his base is literature. I’m not criticizing his literary structure or his writing style. He does what is necessary. You have to know what to expect when you are reading him. What I’m trying to say his even he has to know what he’s writing.

His previous book revolution 2020 dealt with colleges which looked like the after effect of watching his own book five point someone on screen as Three Idiots. Now Half Girlfriend. If Revolution 2020 was about college and education system dealt badly. Half girlfriend was about rural places or more specifically Bihar. Both looks like books written out of paper cuttings and a couple of visits to the place. The hero and heroine meet for the second time and he shows all the places around Bihar. ‘You see I’ve travelled and got all the places in my list. I’ll shove everything in a chapter and then proceed with the story.’

For a change the heroine wasn’t a bitch unlike his other books. The difference here is like how a guy has a past the girl has a past here. It’s a must that a character must have a dramatic past to be quiet in Chetan’s books. The hero on the other hand is a regular chap, a loser to be precise but I think here he’s a handsome fellow. That’s what Riya’s friends say at least. But still a loser who could say funny anecdotes. Thankfully he doesn’t have a dad here.

He starts the book by saying it’s for non-English types. Great way to escape from grammar police and literary bureaucrats. That one line was enough to make us think, “Ok! This guy is not gonna prosper!”

The title didn’t make enough sense. The mention of the word ‘Half Girlfriend’ which was given so much hype didn’t have that much of meaning in the book. It was just mentioned only once when Madhav and Riya were talking sweet nothings. I didn’t like even poster of the book. It was misleading. It most probably looked like a sad ending. I’m not sure why the scarf and the bottom were in same color. It gave me a feel that the lady is an airhostess with Indian origin. May be I was reading too much into it but the story and the poster didn’t really have a connect.


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