Movie Review – Haider

Posted: October 11, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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This film I must have watched no matter how the reviews were. But thanks to overwhelming reviews I went quite soon. But my friends were right, Hindi was above my standard. Couldn’t understand half the dialogues. I wouldn’t have preferred to watch with subtitles even if I could have. It’s a curious situation. I wasn’t wishing to let go off both my experience as well as my understanding. Whatever, it was a rewarding experience.


Vishal Bhardwaj has a thing for Shahid Kapoor. Or maybe he’s just a lucky charm with whom he strikes whenever he collaborates. But Shahid here doesn’t have that much to do unlike his previous outing like Kaminey. Kaminey was Shahids movie with great direction by Vishal Bhardwaj. Here Haider is full and full Bhardwaj movie with Shahid in it. An actor like Vikram would have taken it to next level. May be he’d have even spoilt the movie by over acting. That’s his problem, to get bigger than the movies. But Ravanan wouldn’t have happened without Vikram. That’s his effect.

Sharaddha, even though doesn’t have much to do was another gem of an actor who’s cute too. She does her part so well. Being a quiet lover. Tabu and Kay Kay needless to say were terrific. If their angle was sensual Shahid and Tabu’s angle was even better. Tabu comes down as a dirty bitch. See the drama which unfolds. Bhardwaj really has that Shakespearian connect more than anybody else. Ram Leela felt Shakespearian but this one looked like how a movie could be made out of a Thirukural or a testament. Perfect in every aspect.

You see Dr. Halal trying to help a terrorist and you can’t decide whether he’s for them or against them. In fact Tabu to asks for it. When Tabu asks to Dr. Hilaal as to what will happen to Haider. At that point of time I thought may be Tabu was pregnant. But I was proved wrong in few minutes when Shahid comes in search of his dad.

The first half of the movie is shorter than the second and even has more songs than the first half. The movie is quite bold and be confidently be said as the first of its kinds. When a movie which is so pro Pakistani with incest was released before. When movies like Dirty Picture being hailed as being bold I wonder why no one called Incest bold. I wasn’t even sure how it got released without any protest. May be the protestors and the government officials didn’t have the patience to sit and watch the movie. May be they wouldn’t have understood what they saw. Whatever thanks to everyone for such an attempt. Now we could see more of Oliver Stone kind of movies in Indian too.

What an introduction for Irrfan Khan. He got the loudest of cheers from theatre out of nowhere. Also the terrific background music added to the awesomeness. Not sure what’s the idea of including Salman and Salman to the film. Even though it added nativity to the film. It got down the serious tone a bit. Yes they too later get involved in catching Haider and there is also a typical ‘Guy Ritchie’ scene where Shahid escapes out of the police van like how he does in Kaminey too. Ever man needs a certain bit of luck. Accepted!

Haider has an interesting development to it. It’s there to be read in Wikipedia. That in fact is more interesting than the film itself. The way Vishal Bharadwaj’s movies come up is terrific. He’s a musician turned director. His aides are awesome. He consults Gulzar who’s a lyricist. So when an intelligent lyricist and a diligent musician join hands together you get magic. Best thing is it doesn’t stop with the music. It extends to the fim. It’s like writing lyrics and adding music to it. None of Bharadwaj’s film will have unnecessary songs. It all looks like a blend. For example the mortuary song is absolutely terrific and see how the wry humor extends in the movie where an old man sings it in between the rounds of fire he does. In fact that’s the best scene in the movie.


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