Movie Review – Mausam

Posted: September 20, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Why did this movie bomb at the box office? What a beautiful movie it was. I had listened to “Rabba main toh mar gaya oye” like some hundred times and loved the song so was badly wanting to watch the movie. That was the time where I had liked Shahid Kapoor a lot, thanks to Kaminey. I’ve always thought that he is a wasted talent. At least let’s hope that Haider will take him to new heights rather than dancing to stupid agal bagal. Much has to be attributed to his selection of movies too where there are some gems in the midst of mostly crap movies.


Mausam has a great feel to it. Being called a timeless love story and spanning several decades, the way all the important junctures are linked by devastating war/terrorist events in the midst of 10 years was a great background to the story. As I didn’t see it coming most of the time, thanks to my poor knowledge of history I was overwhelmed at all these junctures.

Patriotism though looks superficial was good to an extent. Having seen all this war/antiwar films my irritation for war has grown by leaps and bounds so I don’t really feel patriotic watching war sequences. I find it rather foolish to keep fighting. Good that except for that one aerial fight there wasn’t much war sequence. I’m sure they’d have made a mess out of it. Easier said than done thought. Rang De Basanthi was one movie where it gives you that patriotic feeling. Lagaan too does the same but it’s more of goose bumps moments than patriotism.

I loved the beginning part of the movie which was the best, the whole Punjabi setting and the mockery around Sardar Ji’s were a treat to watch. Both the cycle joke and the chair joke put me in splits. Even the romance was so genuine. Loved the song, “Rabba main toh mar gaya oye.” What a rendition by Shahid Mallya. Pritam could be great at times. “Peeloon” was another example of such song with great rendition.

Sonams first shot is that of her crying which could be attributed to be kind of negative way to open a character but Pankaj seem to have taken the risk of doing so. Their initial romance was cute, eye to eye, and not physical at all. There is even a shot where they both stand in rain and look at each other getting drenched all the while.

And see how the love transforms in the second half. Much better looking, especially Sonam. Shahid looked his best without the moustache. Both sophisticated. Their relationship gets more physical. They are not afraid to meet in public, embrace and kiss inside the tunnel. A similar scene to that of first half happens here too where they both share a passionate kiss and Shahid asks for her hand again. She replies the same. Only difference this time being more intimate and less artistic than the first one.

Initially I was thinking, how Sonam accepted this movie. She doesn’t have anything nice to wear. Then came the second half and that doubt disappeared. Other good thing was that she being Muslim and not being confined to home and burka was good. Even though she wasn’t liberating she at least was doing some stuff which doesn’t come under typical ‘Muslim’ category in our cinema.

Best thing about the movie was the couple doesn’t face any problem from their family, except for one girl being in love with Shahid and continues to love him even after her marriage. She burning the letter looked old fashioned whereas the rest of the scenes looked vintage to me. When have we last seen a Hindu-Muslim couple not being threatened by their family for loving each other? Here instead of the family the world tries to deny them of their love. It also comes to a point where the Muslims would never be safe in Indian no matter what. You see Sonam in distress in most of the problems. Shahid even though bitter doesn’t seem to be in such bad position as that of Sonam.

The movie could have been better if not for the climax with the young kid and the needless dance sequence when the credit appears. Don’t know whether Pankaj wanted to give a tribute to Hindi cinema after all but it definitely didn’t appeal to me. There wasn’t that magic Lootera exhibited in the last leaf scene. This one looked more superficial.


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