Movie Review – Finding Fanny

Posted: September 20, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Deepika! One sole reason I ventured out for this movie. But sadly in the end it almost remained the only reason to like the movie. I never knew anything about the movie except for that one still of Deepika in floral print. Deepika seems to be the only heroine who could pull me to the movie. Vidya Balan and co. do some interesting stuff but for them it’s more like watching the movie to know what’s there in the movie but with DP it’s watching just for her.

Finding Fanny

I won’t go so far to call watching Finding Fanny a mistake. The other stills with the co starts were interesting. It’s a brilliant cast except for Arjun Kapoor. I hate his lethargicness even though they needed a lethargic character. In fact the whole movie was lethargic as the movie was set in Goa. That’s a very good setting for the movie. The laid back attitude and the freedom to speak in English in addition to the costumes that he can afford to give to Deepika. It’s a definite plus. The minimal music and high tempo Goan music too added to the flair.

Homi Adajania wanted to give an Alexander Payne feel to the movie. The melancholy behind the smile and that unique sadness which he does in every movie. It makes us think so much of Sideways and Descendants. In fact I wasn’t much of a fan of Payne until I watched About Schmidt. It changed my whole opinion of him and his movies. Now when I think of the movies which I didn’t approve of at first. I seem to like them too. His sadness is unique. I love it.

Finding Fanny is a sad movie. Everyone is sad of their loneliness. The poster claims each one to have ventured out on a road trip to find love, passion etc. They don’t find anything. They are lonely people who want adventure in life. I tried to Google Pocolim in Google maps. As Deepika says I wasn’t able to find it even in Google maps. That was a good laid back village and looked a perfect backdrop for a film like this.

The movie begins with Deepika’s voice over. She in that floral print dress butchering and cleaning her house. Most of her shots you see her from behind baring her back and shoulder blades. There is one shot of her back drenched with sweat full on while cleaning the house. The whole theatre gave a collective sigh, the male crowd I say and once it stopped there was a collective giggle. That was from the female counterparts. Whoevers idea that shot was. They’ve gotten the credit. Not only that. Deepika’s costume throughout the movie was awesome and she was always smiling showing off the dimples. She’s shown as the nicest of all people there so she gets her due.

I thought of Cocktail too in the same way and wanted to watch it for Deepika but somehow my conscience didn’t let me too. Homi’s all the three movies looks interesting to me even though that this is first movie I watched of his. One more reason to not watch the other two movies was Saif. I don’t know what’s with Homi and his affinity towards lethargic actors. Saif spoilt himself after Dil Chahta Hai, doing the same kind of loser roles again and again.

The Goan background was a good choice for one more reason. English! I’m not sure he chose English to send the movies to film festival. English wasn’t like people who would talk English well in general. All of their English are better in general but they seemed to have toned down a bit for the film. You see Deepika saying, “We’ll clean the house little little” etc. She’s not a person who talks like that. That part didn’t work for me in the beginning but towards the end I began to forget that it’s a Hindi movie with English language. I began to give merit for what I’m seeing than what I know. I never got all this feeling when I was watching Delhi Belly. There the English was perfect for the movie!

Speaking of the cast. Deepika yes, obvious choice. First rate acting. So were the veterans Naseeruddin Shah and Pankaj Kapur. Naseeruddin Shah gets the meatiest of the roles and does it with élan. Well, it’s a cake walk for him. Arjun has a self-loathing loser was okayish. Far better than Two States. One character I hated was that of Dimple Kapadia. I never like elderly woman shown in a vulgar way. May be its Goan attitude, Goan way of seeing things but I hated her role. She was so annoying and was reminding me of Farah Khan. One lady whose manners I hate the most.

There were few ROFL moments in the movie but the movie leaves a lot to be desired. What was Homi really thinking? Don’t tell me it’s the abstract way of making movies. He wanted to do a road movie with road being a metaphor. I appreciate his way of thinking but I could stop only with that. It’s a movie you say ‘well tried’ rather than saying ‘well done’!


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