Movie Review – Karnan

Posted: August 31, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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It was a crime to have missed this movie in theatres when it was released a few months back. It ran for a good number of days in decent theatres too. I watched this on a Sunday night with family. I must say that I was quite underwhelmed. Being an epic I expected an epic movie but on a whole it wasn’t as great as what I thought.


Good thing about Karnan is none of the scene and none of the songs except Ulathil Nala Ulam I have seen in TV. That was a good thing as the whole movie was fresh. Every scene was new. It rarely happens with a famous movie like this. So all your thought process comes from the words you’ve heard rather than the scenes you’ve seen. Even though that’s a good thing you’d end up expecting more because most of the hearings call it to be an epic film.

Having seen the DD version of Mahabaratham and to have known a little bit of the story it seemed that the movie was hurried in spite of being 2 hours and 40 minutes long. That shows that we are hungry for more as well the directors incompetence to have used the length to give a satisfying film.

I must say that I loved the casting to a certain extent with actors like Muthuraman, Savithri, Devika etc doing their bit and Ashokan and NTR doing their role extremely well. But the actors who were doing bit roles like Bheeman and Saguni were disastrous. Bheeman was ridiculously small to be casted as Bheeman. What’s the harm in getting some actor as menacing as Bheeman. Saguni again was a total disastrous. He looked anything but cunning.

Master stroke was casting Ashokan in Dhuriyothanans role. As soon as you think about Ashokan you’ll have a gut feeling that he’s a villain. But here you see him from Karnans point of view so he’s a good guy. A villain who appears as a good guy to someone. That was perfectly accomplished by this casting.

The film spices up only after NTR makes an entry. My mother was repeatedly telling that NTR means Krishnan. He fitted to the role like a tee. All those cunningness, cleverness coming to the fore perfectly. No one could have done it better. And with Sivaji in the frame it is not easy to show that kind of acting.

Few scenes like Karnan getting to befriend Dhuriyothanan could have been extended and the flow could have been made better because there were similar films at that time which was able to accomplish that so the period is not really a problem.

This film wasn’t as classy as Vietnam Veedu or showed Sivaji’s you-see-I’m-acting powers like Thiruvilayadal or a tear jerker like Rajpat Ragadurai. But as a whole it will definitely remain a film to be watched for Sivaji.


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