Movie Review – The Dictator

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Even though The Dictator didn’t turn out to be half as funny as The Borat it still was a decent time pass. There is a definition for cult movies, “The movie was so bad that I loved it.” Sacha Baron Cohens movies come under that category. It’s definitely not cult though. But one look at Borat and you’d know how much research had gone into the movie. The same couldn’t be said with this one. Except for some oil and Sadam Hussain reference there wasn’t much done with respect to The Dictator. But of course there were a few decent laughs around.

The Dictator

With the start and the way they build for the nuclear weapon scene, it was a great laugh when there was only one weapon. The arguments between the scientist and the Aladeen about the shape of the missile gave us first glimpse of serious laugh. There were of course gold plated accessories, mic and car in addition to the way he was born with beard but those were minimal laughs compared to the missile scene.

In the middle there were very few scenes like the rope scene, helicopter scene being funny. Otherwise it was pretty bland. The post movie credits provided laughs like Hangover did but wasn’t as nostalgic as that one. The funniest character in this movie definitely was the guy who doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. An assistant of Aladeen. He’s one guy who made me laugh every single time.

You know that the movie is going to have cheap toilet humor. But you expect something to the level of South Park and not like cheap parodies which come around. In that aspect The Dictator was a failure. Good that the length was kept intact otherwise it’d have even started becoming boring.


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