Play Review – Color Blind

Posted: August 27, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Theatre I thought was only about actors. Color Blind proved what a director’s vision is. The intricate funny satirical serious musical (not to forget about the Tagore Rap) was a treat to watch. We got an announcement that the director would like the audience to be seated for the first half an hour but from the balcony I could notice that not even a single soul moved out throughout the play. That’s how it kept us hooked.

Color Blind

The concept of using the stage was done to the fullest by the director. The stage was divided into three parts. Each depicting a part of Tagore’s life. One as a child, one as a youngster and one as an old man falling for an Argentinian woman. The child part wasn’t much detailed. But the rest two were as good as it could get. Even though I didn’t know a word in Bengali I could get the humor in the youngster’s part. And every one of them were pleasurable singers. The best part was the old man’s version of Tagore.  Again I didn’t know a word in French but the tension it built up was fabulous.

Add to it the funny thing was Kalki doing the directors talk in the play. The explanation about ‘inappropriate thing’ done between Tagore and the Victoria Ocampo was a laugh riot. As I’m not much exposed to theatre I don’t know whether the directors dig at audience when the lights go off was a regular affair. The on stage chaos created by the team again tickled our funny bone.

In all it was an awesome experience and a very good way to start watching Theatre again.


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