Movie Review – Lootera

Posted: August 3, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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What I thought to be a love story of the past proved to be a poetic story of love and betrayal. A beautiful mix of poetry and prose with brilliant music by Amit Trivedi. Time and again he proves that he’s the best in business. He carries the film in his shoulders throughout. A peaceful movie like this would have suffered a lot without Trivedi. It was like an entire opera piece played in diminuendo. There were mild romantic scenes on side, villainous scenes during the interval and dramatic scenes during climax. Everything was well supported by Trivedi’s music. This movie would have been words written in water without Trivedi. Even though it’s very tough to choose which part I liked the most, the pre interval block had some awesome music.


This film was a very different approach to period films. Period films either trace good people, bad people or it’s a clash between good and bad. And nowadays we can safely assume that good equals to poor and bad equals to rich but this film broke those mould. When we see Sonakshi suffering from wheezing and his dad being ever so calm and adorable you hardly get to hate them. Just because they are Zamindars they aren’t bad. On the other hand even though Varun (Ranveer) comes down as a guy with royal Enfield and ray bans he’s supposed to be the one who is to benefit from Zamindari act because he doesn’t have royal ancestors. In a normal film you root for Varun but here you hate him. He comes as a menacing villain here. And the wheezing that Pakhi (Sonakshi) has isn’t just a tool to sympathize but a well written difficulty of an individual which makes more sense towards the climax.

Sonakshi Sinha doesn’t really appear as a femme fatale but here she was one. One who would get the respect of an individual too. I’ve never been fond of her even though she had acted well in Dabaang. And that’s the only film which I’ve seen of her. She was lovely in Lootera, especially as a playful daughter of a Zamindar. One who is naïve enough to fall in love for a guy who has come to cheat his father.

If the first half was about some cute romance and treachery, what lifted the film to next level was the second half. With the style of first half it’d have been a good movie to watch out for but with the second half Vikramaditya Motwane shows what he’s capable for.

I loved the parts where Ranveer gets back to Sonakshi’s apartment as there is always tension between them which is not sexual. The best scene was the one where he gives her a shot for her ailment. The last leaf scene could have been so easily spoilt but here it was beautiful. Even though it was dramatic the drama worked perfectly well.

By being poetic this film stoked my curiosity to get into poems.


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