Movie Review – Jigarthanda

Posted: August 3, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Jigathanda could very well be the film of the year. Even though the release was limited the crowd loved the humor. Of course most of them wouldn’t have got the technical nuances and the cinematic references but still it caters to the masses with comedy working exceptionally well for the audience. And when the film ended the director got a standing ovation. If these things are not enough and only TV publicity are necessary, God help good cinema.


The trailer kept me intrigued for a long while and I was dying to watch this film but the censor certificate problem along with the producer and actor/directors quarrel it took its own sweet time to release. What you see in a trailer is a black comedy, a musical of course and there is a gangster who invokes laughs. We see Siddharth kneeling down and there is a heroic dialogue of him taking revenge. What I thought to be a revenge story turned out to be a brilliant black serious satirical comedy.

Karthik’s Pizza was definitely good but it was a clean entertainer with not much risks so the next film of his I didn’t have much expectations. But the trailer raised the bar. And finally when I watched the film I was surprised by the amount of talent he had. He had made a movie equivalent to Soodhu Kavvum and that’s not an easy job.

See the eye for details. The film has one of the brilliant opening scenes ever. A closed theatre which operates as a club with Malarnthum Malaratha song. We see a man entering which is a surprise but we of course know its Bobby Simha. As soon as he sits to play cards we see people surrounding him and shooting him as part of an encounter. The camera pans out and that’s when we hear “Madurai nagar kandu…” The film runs to the flashback mode and what leads to that scene is the story of the film or that’s what we think.

The detailing doesn’t end there. You hear the Good Bad Ugly background along with Indiana Jones interval card and Sowrashtra words being mouthed by Ambika and Lakshmi Menon. Ambika didn’t have much to do but whatever little she has done she did a fabulous job. Even the Sowrashtra diction was perfect.

Siddharth absolutely didn’t have any applause and Karunakaran had the maximum response but the show stealer was Bobby Simha. One fabulous performance by that guy. He is in fact the hero of the film. Siddharth except for the climax scene didn’t have even a single heroic scene. He has to be given credit for taking this role. Karthik rightly calls him a very professional actor. All the heroism/villainism was by Bobby Simha. His opening song Ding Dong was not only treat to hear but it was a treat to watch too. See the shot where he’s almost killed by a group of people, camera against the sun, he gets into the car, shoots and comes out the other side. All the while camera panning and the sun against it. It’s as brilliant a shot could get. And every time some member of the gang is introduced. It’s at the same point, same shot where Bobby Simha was introduced.

The three sidekicks to Simha and the way Siddharth tries to get the story about him was absolutely hilarious. In fact the way Siddharth gets to be director was hilarious. The first ten minutes ridiculing a TV show was funny. Funnier thing was this films’ media partner is Vijay TV. And there is a scene where someone in Madurai is killed by three people and we see arrow marks. For some time I thought it’s again going to be some film that ridicules media.

This is also a brilliantly written film by Karthik Subbaraj. Never imagined a film by a director who has come from US to be this good. In the midst of this gangster musical the way a director’s cinematic ambition included was a treat to watch.

Even though the last few minutes reminds us of Velli Thirai. The film wooed me a lot well before that. There were a couple of references about friendship, don’t know whether it was because I watched it on a friendship day or there is always a friendship reference in all the films.

True to its title it was a musical gangster story. Both the musical and gangster part worked very well. Background music throughout was fabulous and all the songs were a treat to watch too. Loved the energy in Paandinattu Kodi. Response wasn’t great in theatre for songs but that’s always a problem watching films in A-class theatres. Otherwise it was one hell of an experience.


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