Movie Review – The Exorcist

Posted: July 29, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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I never expected such an honest attempt in making a horror movie. I thought it’d be like Evil Dead which I absolutely hated. But boy it was such a neat picture. It started to woo me right from the first scene. Which horror movie starts in a country far from us, in an archaeological dig and has characters ranging this wide. If it’s a horror movie it’s always about a middle class happy family or a bunch of youngsters high on dope. Oh, how badly we’ve got used to it.

the exorcist

It would have been brilliant if you had not known the film to be of the horror genre because right away it doesn’t jump to demons. It builds slow and steady like a beautiful family drama. If the first 15 minutes give you kind of Indiana Jones feel – well which archaeology film doesn’t? – The next 5 to 10 minutes shows Ellen Burstyn as an actress and here whereabouts. What an actor she is. The director could have easily used some simple character but a famous actress who is divorced, has a loving child and in the midst of shooting… He definitely deserves an applause.

Then there is a priest. There will always be a priest in a horror movie but generally that priest comes out of the blue and not like this, someone who gets spot by Chris while taking a stroll who has an ailing mother and also a confused individual himself. That’s another peculiarly brilliant character that I found out.

The story builds and builds like a Tolkien novel. And that’s a great feel. It’s only till you see the ghost the tension is at its peak. First when Regan is playing with her mom we could see a telekinetic movement, then the face of a demon here and there. This continues for a while until all the tests get over and she becomes truly possessed.

It’s a common thing with horror movies to have a cute girl die last or the sweetest of girls get possessed. But Linda Blair as Regan Teresa was such a cutie and there is a scene where her mom talks to her about her birthday plans in bed. If other cute scenes were cinematic reality, that was realism itself.

There were many iconic scenes like the head turning scene, the stairs scene but nothing was overdone. It didn’t scare me much but achieved its purpose. And also the detectives’ role was icing on the cake. Another character which could have been easily avoided but wasn’t.

If Shining was all about class, Exorcist was all about honesty!


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