Movie Review – Airplane!

Posted: July 26, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Airplane would have been what Andaz Apna Apna for the North Indians. It was great movie to watch sitting laid back on a sofa and munching chips. Both of which I don’t like as a matter of fact. Airplane was funny right from the first scene where an airplane crashes part of airport but we don’t see anything about that story after it.


The movie strikes with its satire even with its title. It’s Airplane! and not just Airplane. There were many funny scenes but the best of the lot was the one involving auto pilot. It’s a wonderful never thought before technique of using an air balloon. The humor goes one notch up when she blows air for it to inflate again so that the auto pilot can take command.

I’m not sure why the premise of airplane for chosen for this comedy. But it involves all the cliché that can be used like a kid entering cockpit as he wishes, people getting ill because of fish, pilot getting ill, a war veterans love story, a floor crews antics and  a motivational speech at last. Everything sticks together to give a decent enough entertainment that would last for an hour and a half.

Like how Andaz Apna Apna even though was funny didn’t appeal to me as much as it’d have for people up north. It was the same story with Airplane!


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