Movie Review – Velayilla Pattathari

Posted: July 23, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Dhanush strikes gold with this one. Such a clever operator he is. He has manipulated everything that’s out there to woo youth and his fans. The film had everything from mother sentiment, his loser image, punch dialogues, beautiful next door girl to engineering. The last being the most important one.

Velaiyilla Pattathari

The film opens with Dhanush telling about his life thus far and how he has been jobless. None of the dialogues of which I heard. I assumed it thorough the moving pictures. When it comes to mass films it’s very important to choose the right location and the right set of people to go with. It was a big mistake to have gone for Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara with my family. That film would have been lot more fun with friends around. I wasn’t to repeat the mistake again. So I decided to go for the film with two of my best friends, of course one dropped but still the evening was memorable. Ambattur Rakki ambience was perfect for a film like this. Just that the travel to that place was like one hell of a ride which took close to two hours. I don’t know what’s with Dhanushs film and me, it took me 5 hours to reach theatre for Mayakam Enna because of the incessant rain and now its two hours due to traffic.

The casting was perfect. Samuthirakani as a strict father, Saranya as doting mother and a younger tall, fair and handsome brother. Even though Samuthirakani does nothing different to differentiate himself from the regular fathers which Dhanush has, he does is job quite well. Saranya was fabulous as always providing a comic relief here and there and also excelling in sentiment scenes. His brother is a trademark Agmark character who does what he’s supposed to do. All the scenes between the father and son duo attracted huge applause and then there is that regular scene which he defends his son after mothers’ death. Best of the scenes was the one where he says, “evan amma sentiment ennalayae thanga mudiyila”

Amala Paul comes in as a damsel next door who is a dentist earning 2 lakhs per month and its love at first sight for her. It’s again a mystery as to why a heroine like lady like her would fall in love with such loafer. She doesn’t even smirk when he drinks and dances on the floor top. Good thing is that the love angle wasn’t disturbed either by girls’ parents or by the lady who gets his mother’s lungs. That would have been an over kill. So a pretty lady coming by and not attracting the wrath of another pretty lady as well his friends was a welcome relief.

First half was so well built and with Dhanush’s mothers death we come to know what we are to expect in the second half. As expected it’s a rags to riches story with an amul baby villain who says, “enaku china vaysila irunthae intha local pasangala ellam pidikathu” with a foreign dialect. That guy is a typical hero material. It was funny when Dhanush after showing off his six packs takes the shirt of this guy. The crew cleverly doesn’t show the villains body. Guess they didn’t want to overshadow Dhanush’s six pack with that of the villains.

Songs were such a hit before the movie and they have used it very well to their benefit. Every one of the songs fits right at the place and comes out quite good. Especially the VIP song which is like Vetrikodi kattu from Padayappa was a perfect fodder to Dhanush’s image. Dhanush always wanted to be a director is what he says, he has used his directors’ brain quite cleverly to boost his image. The posters read ‘Adutha super star’ and all the background old music were from Rajni’s yesteryear songs like his cell phone song “vellai illathavan thaan…”

In all Dhanush equates his formula right and has a winner on cards. Everything works for him in this film from punch dialogues to songs to sentiments to fights. Also this film made me happy of watching a good mass film after a long time.


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