Movie Review – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Posted: July 23, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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That red line thing at the end of first movie got clearer in the initial few minutes of the film. It was confirmed that the virus is spreading and the population is deteriorating. The title also was interesting with every word except planet starting with caps.

Dawn of the planet of apes

I got irritated with the very first scene of the movie. When the apes talk there was subtitles for it. It might be because 1) the apes have evolved so much that their sign language has become so complex for us to understand or 2) my copy of the rise of the planet of apes didn’t have subtitles for the apes scene (which even if I had missed I’ve no regrets at all as I loved it) or 3) the director simply didn’t wish to take any risk thinking that audience would get bored. Whatever may be the cause the subtitles thing totally turned me off. And 3D. Enough said! I really would like to know if there is any decent theatre without those 3D glasses. It’s so annoying. Funny thing was my friend trying to hold it throughout the film as it wouldn’t fit.

If the first movie was like any superhero movie the second one was like the dark knight. When it was said that Dawn of the Apes was the best sequel since Dark Knight I didn’t think that the comparison would be so literal. Anyways it’s nowhere near The Dark Knight. The only idea that could be appreciated is the apes behaving as we humans too. As we out rightly supported apes in the first movie it would be very tough to change opinion but the director achieves it in this film. After a long time we support the humans. Tired of all those stereotypes where people point at humans for all the bad deeds happening to planet. Why not some aliens come and we kick some ass outta them instead of weeping for the fuel we wasted. So in that way it was a relief.

If Caesar was MGR in the first film, he was a Sivaji Ganesan here in the second film. Highly sentimental and soupy. It was like watching an ape version of Devar Magan. I liked Koba, the real bad ass (Some Koba had favourited by review in twitter too). It was a treat to watch when he takes command. I especially loved the scene where he cleverly cheats two guys who practice shooting. That for me was the best scene in the film.

The film instead of adding details was plain slow. They could have made it as an action film to be better off. But forcefully trying to induce class put off the film. And they could have used some other actors as humans. That group was really bad. The apes displayed more emotion than them.

Though now the film is in Mexican standoff I don’t think I’ll be watching the third one. But would be interesting to see how the film ends. I want a high octane action film and not a war film with apes instead of humans


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