Movie Review – Bangalore Days

Posted: July 23, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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A film which everyone is loving right now and rightly so. Never has been a journey infested with so many Mallu girls. Right from my Guindy bus to the entrance of Phoenix to the end of movie. Everywhere there were Mallu girls. For the love of all increase the show I say!

bangalore days

Coming to the movie. When something is loved by everyone it defines itself. It means there wasn’t any risk involved in it. It’s not that cinema must offer something new always but that magic doesn’t work every time like it does for ‘It’s a wonderful life’. The innocence we find in Wonderful Life doesn’t happen here. However cute the movie was, it was man made cute and not the cuteness formed when it was molded.

When the film began I was hardly wanting to look at the subtitles. Not that the film wouldn’t have made sense without it but for a complete understanding of the film I had to watch the subtitles. Audience came with a preconceived notion that the film was going to be awesome I guess. There were lots of laughs for the initial scenes which for me wasn’t funny. Not that I complain of girls giggles. But in fact till the scene of Nazriya’s marriage I was quite irritated. Again a loser, again a chirpy girl and again a guy who goes out of the mould and quite clearly a hero. Dulquer is getting a lot of praise for his role but Ranbir was way better than him in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. Both impractical films which the guys with passion win with a little bit of sentiment here and there.

Ok so now Nazriya is married, she’s cute and makes friends quite easily. They all fall asleep in the same bed before her marriage. That scene didn’t work for me. They being cousins was just an excuse. May be the director was afraid to just show them as friends. The first song was just a bore, a normal against-the-marriage song by a guy who’s a gypsy. Wonder why songs go so wary in a film which had brilliant background music. But I loved the scene where Nazriya’s marriage gets fixed when their parents see her and Fahadh playing with a dog. His affection towards dog is shown much before so it makes sense when he goes to Nithya Menons house just before climax and the dog there jumps on him. Similarly the radio voice we keep on hearing as soon as they go to Bangalore but only before interval we get to see Parvathy Menon. These all were well directed scenes as the character study was done quite well. If it had been even a bit more obvious it would have spoilt the feel.

Even though we continue to enjoy Nazriya’s cuteness, the real question is how long she is going to survive doing the same thing. There is one show where Nazriya comes back home after a horrid dinner party wearing a sari. Her shoulder blades are in focus and for a second she looks hot. She has a great skin tone. I’m not sure whether that shot was made after letting her know what she is capable of. But she has to do roles without this chirpy girl image. I’d like to see at least one film where she doesn’t smile.

Bangalore was a little over hyped for the film. That’s understandable and that also worked well to a certain extent. Even though I hated the first scene of Nivin I started loving him as soon as he grins after getting a posting in Bangalore. In fact Nivins story alone could have been made as a separate film. He was so fabulous. Not only him, Kalpana as Kuttans mom was fabulous. She is one awesome actress and thanks to her the best scene in the film appears. The letter from Kuttans dad was the single most hilarious scene in the film. That too when he reads it second time after knowing that he has gone to Goa was fabulous. I loved the scene where she goes to Isha Talwar and returns without saying anything. Even the climax, though clichéd was lovely. Even though everyone seem to have loved the first half I started liking the film only after the first half.

That marriage part where Fahadh acts as a husband with trouble didn’t work. We all have seen Mouna Ragam so it was nowhere near. Arjuns (Dulquer) flashback too was such a pain. Why would someone always have divorced parents or troubled childhood to become someone they want to be? Can’t someone from normal family be someone they want to be? Good that they at least didn’t show the flashback of their parents rejoining.

Much was said about Fahadh as an actor too. I don’t know whether he deserves the testimony to be such a good actor as I haven’t seen him much but from what I saw in this film. He’s capable. But his biker act in the flashback was laughable and you can’t expect one to sympathize with someone whom you’ve seen just for few minutes. One of the bikers call it, “what a love story it was!” Seriously, what a love story was it? It all ended within a blink of an eye. But that scene where he scolds Nazriya for riding fast in a bike gets meaning after the flashback. It’s again not a scene we haven’t seen before but gets the necessary impact.

The final race seen though we have seen in numerous films was again good to watch. I couldn’t explain why. A welcome change was Sarah didn’t come to the race instead Arjun goes sees her. That humor where Kuttan asks Das whether he could drive worked well. Das gets his bit of heroism at last. They all get together and Kuttan completes the story.

Finally, The Red Damsel sitting behind me in theatre, out of pure luck, if you happen to read this anywhere in internet, know that it’s me who kept on staring at you till the parking lot.


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