Movie Review – Edge of Tomorrow

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Edge of Tomorrow was never in my list but thanks to an offer which I couldn’t refuse I watched it. The movie had every reason for me to not watch. First being a sci fi, where wannabe college kids take their girlfriends, sit behind your back, talk on top of your head about how omega is greater than alpha etc by reading Wikipedia well before hand. All these guys should be put in a theatre handcuffed to watch space odyssey. Then it’s a 3D movie. Except for the extra 30 rupees they get it I don’t see any logic in watching a 3D movie. Worst is when even subtitles come near you. God! Give me a break. Then it had Tom Cruise who’ll cruise in a bike no matter what era the film is in. Here too it happened. Yet I watched the movie but to my surprise I came out of the theatre happy. One sole thing that a human would want on any day.


Last week there was an article by Rangan about professionalism. This film reminded me of that article. He had mentioned about transformers there as the article was about Hollywood craps. I wouldn’t have watched transformers even if it had been my last day on earth and my existence would solely depend upon watching the film. So my thing was more about Hollywood blockbusters than craps. You know with most of the Hollywood blockbusters you can’t enrich your knowledge but when you watch Inception you don’t even want to do that. That’s how to make a perfect Hollywood blockbuster. As clean as a slate. Edge of Tomorrow is one such movie. I cited Inception here because it’s obvious, that’s the closest thing one would think of while watching the movie.

As you all know I don’t usually watch the trailers or even posters before watching the movie but this time it was different. As I was going to theatre after a long time to watch a Hollywood blockbuster I was curious. If I’m allowed to hurt my ego and say, I was excited too. The film is by Doug Liman, the guy who made a bad Mr and Mrs Smith, an interesting Jumper and my favorite of his Bourne Identity. So I got to know that I was in good hands and well Tom Cruise too like a majority of Hollywood superstars selects his scripts well.

In the poster of the movie there is a caption. Live. Die. Repeat. With Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in heavy armors. The caption was more like a t-shirt quote. Cheap and funny. But it couldn’t have made better sense. That one caption summarized the whole story. Good that I didn’t remember what I’ve read. I was surprised the first time the ‘repeat’ scene happened. Only when the ‘repeat’ scene happens the second time we really get to know the complete essence of it. And the wannabe kids who had read the story in Wikipedia beforehand. Would you guys have got the same kick I got when this scene happened?

The way the story builds up is awesome. Very rarely you see Tom Cruise as someone who is not in for action. So when he comes in and says to general that he won’t go for fight it’s a welcome change. It gives you a feel that you are in for something different even though after seeing all the metal jackets and the poster of the movie you know he’s going to come back with a bang. I don’t know whether he’s been called a faggot this number of time in his entire life.

Emily Blunt too was fabulous in her role. That never ending yoga scene was a treat to watch. I had seen her only in The Devil Wears Prada and that is nothing compared to Edge of Tomorrow. She seems to have developed a lot as an actor through the years.

The film was going at a really good pace and kept us on our toes but during the final minutes the after the obvious blood transfusion things became slightly formulistic/dramatic. And the scenes in London didn’t look real. They tried hard to use close up shots with hand held camera but it didn’t appeal as such. Otherwise the movie was a flawless entertainer.


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