Movie Review – Match Point

Posted: July 6, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Match Point wasn’t like anything Woody Allen has made before. Match Point is an example of what a painter would make use of a smoking gun instead of a brush in his hand. If a person who knows only art goes for a kill even the killing would be artistic. That’s how Match Point was. A totally fantabulous movie. Guess this is Woody Allens most out of the box, I correct it, most out of his box movie. What a director, what a legend!

match point

Quite contrary to many I prefer movies which Wood Allen doesn’t act because he gets to experiment a lot more. When Woody Allen acts it’s all about him and how he loses in his life. All the movies he has acted he has portrayed same or similar characters. Not that I complain but Match Point weaves a magic which Midnight in Paris did for me. The ones which had Woody Allen didn’t work that magic on me but again I’d rather not complain. It gave me happiness in a different level.

If Midnight is Paris made my day, this spoilt my day. Watching it on a Sunday night you are marred with guilt and incompetence. You can’t help it. It’ll push you into a depression like how Tarkovskys movie does but it’s a different type of depression which you want to experience. Look how easily Woody Allen shatters people’s dreams by saying luck plays a pivotal role. You may survive but the existence becomes terrible. You’ll be lost forever. He conveys everything through the chilling climax. You should play this movie and see how all these motivational speakers react.

This film is also an example of how actors are made by directors. What a performance by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I’m not sure where I’ve seen this guy before. But he stole the show right from the first scene. The movie’s opening and the reminiscence of the scene later too was a treat to watch. The movie turns into a thriller all of a sudden. Not Woody Allens familiar ground but look how well he treats the subject like a delicate painting. It’s also a well-known fact that no one can show a place like the way Woody Allen does, he really loves the place he goes and he makes us love too.

This movie also marks Allen’s brilliance in the way he uses lust. The scenes between Meyers and Scarlett Johansson was a treat to watch. The chemistry was brilliant. More so because they both are confused people. One wants to contribute something to the society but gets stuck up in a big job and quite handicapped. The other doesn’t know why she’s in a relationship.

I’m becoming a bigger and bigger fan of Allen. His sadness is unmatchable and his writing is the best when it comes to modern directors.


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