Movie Review – Ajantrik

Posted: July 6, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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I watched Taxi Driver first, was spellbound. Taxi Driver and Raging Bull on subsequent days when I had an arrear in engineering changed my whole perspective of life. Then came Abhijan which was even better than Taxi Driver. And as I watched Ajantrik I came to know that this is the one film from which the remaining two were inspired. Actually the order of watching should have been the other way around. Of the three my favorite still remains to be Abhijan but Ajantrik’s meticulous eye for details is stunning. The sound recording of the film could be taken for study. As it was made in the 50s with almost no resource to do those kind of stuffs, I’m still unsure how the croaking, nut sound of the car and all were achieved.


I noted two interesting things in Wikipedia. It is said to have science fiction themes which I don’t know how and ‘Chevrolet (1920 Model) as Jagaddal’ has been included in the cast which was funny. Jagaddal is the hero of the film. He answers a couple of times when Bimal questions him by nodding with the headlights.

As I didn’t have any clue what was the film about I was curiously watching it. The film opens with a couple of people looking for a taxi. It happens for some 10 minutes and we are supposed to think that the story is about them. Then he finally gets a taxi and travels which gets stuck. After dropping these two people we get to go along with the driver for a ride. Only then we come to know it’s a film about the taxi driver and not the one who rode in it.

The next interesting thing is we think that it would follow the various people who enter the taxi. Again we are proved wrong. It takes more than half the duration of the film to get to know that it’s about relationship of deteriorating Jagaddal and his boss. The movie is quite depressing too. This movie probably should have been watched a lot before to understand its real nuances.


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