Movie Review – Ek Din Achanak

Posted: June 29, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Achanak ek din hi main is movie ko dekha! I avoided the movie as I didn’t have subtitles for it. And the censor board certificate showed it to be a Urdu movie. I don’t have the habit of scrolling down to see how the movie is but don’t know why, I did for this movie. It was really tempting because I hadn’t seen any Mrinal Sen movie before and after watching The Adversary and Raincoat my love for Kolkata grew by leaps and bounds. So wanted to watch this one badly. Finally I did.


To be honest I didn’t like it as much as Rain Coat. But this movie about old age and how an artist struggles to fit in a normal family was such a slap in my face. For someone who is considered an artist and being misfit is okay. But 3 or 4 decades down the line what will happen to me, who thinks himself as artist but doesn’t have that identity elsewhere other than his heart. I’m no Roark too. So I need few applause to stay afloat. It’s going to be really bad. And because of that thought my mind was wavering all through not able to concentrate on the movie.

‘I knew paradise would be something like library,’ said some famous individual. I want a personal library even though I haven’t bought a single book. I thought I’ll rest in peace with a thousand books surrounding me. So I loved the setting where the Shreeram Lagoo spends most of his time. Around the books. It takes an Aparna to appreciate it. For the rest of the people it’s a place where one of the family members live. I loved the scene where Shreeram Lagoo and his friend talk while Aparna casually strolls around the library.

Also for Mrinal Sen to have used his own daughter as a kind of villi was courageous. All the while I was picturing only Mrinal Sen as dad and it was kind of incest for me to know that the others where doubting their relationship.

Other than that scene my favorite scene was the opening one where they show Calcutta in distress with heavy flood and stuff. The exact reason I love Calcutta. For its chaos, dirty roads, crowd etc. Calcutta has character. Don’t know if Kolkata too is the same but my love for Kolkata would be the maximum one could have to a place one has not visited.

Though the movie had an old age impact on me. I couldn’t love it as much as I would have thought for the art. This happened to be for Jalsagar. The first movie I watched of Ray and didn’t like. So I avoided his movie for a year or so. But now Ray could be replaced by none. I hoped that happens here too.


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