Movie Review – Raincoat

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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I was impressed within initial few minutes. Kolkata has some mystic charm about it. We hardly see Kolkata in the movie but no movie’s roots have been as strong as this one. What a fabulous movie and what a fabulous place Kolkata is. Paris is the one place I thought I’ll go alone hereafter because of Midnight in Paris but after watching this film and a lot of Ray’s films I feel Kolkata is the place to alone. If not for Chennai I’d settle in Kolkata, I was telling Pune till now but I was imagining myself along with my family. If it’s me and just only me it’d be Kolkata. I guess I’d enjoy even poverty there. Reminds me of Kannae Kalai Manae song. Ezhai endral athil oru amaithi… (There is a sense of calmness even in poverty)


Many have said that Ajay Devgan is a terrific actor but only after this film I could at least think in their angle. Ajay Devgan as a loser, I never thought this guy could pull of this role. What a fabulous performance. Expect for the shaving scene where we could see his bulging muscles I have no other complaints. And was that woman Aishwarya Rai. I’ve always been smitten by her beauty. I used to think of her and hear the Jeans cassette a million times in repeat mode. But boy she can act. She could dub this well too…

These are examples of what a director with great vision could do. The other four characters in the film. Ajay’s mom or grandma, his friend and her wife, Ash’s land lord. Everybody were fabulous. The last one was the best by a long distance. You can’t compare Annu Kapoor with others, could you? That pleasant flirting between his friends’ wife and Ajay, her husband trusting her and Aishwarya asking for it. Everything were so well made.

The film impressed me with the very first scene after the directors’ name flashes upon. We could see a person talking something about getting money from friends. First we would think that he is the one wanting money, then he explains about the letter. We think that he is planning to put what he said in a letter. Only after that we get to know that Ajay is planning to write this letter to everyone. So was the scene with the landlord, we all were made to mistake him as Ash’s cruel husband. And when he says that she’s involved in prostitution we are made to think, whether she really is. Her brasserie is constantly visible throughout. There is even a shot where Ajay stares at her bra but doesn’t correct her. These minute details were so well planned. If you have noticed, when Ajay comes to Ash’s house he removes a kerchief rolled around his hand covering his watch. Man, what an awesome eye for details.

Throughout the movie Ajay smokes cigarette but no one complains. Neither Ash nor his friend’s wife. We also see a mole in Ash’s left hand. Her finger with some band aid or plaster, she fiddling with matches while talking. Her diction. Her false pride. Everything was awesome. When I thought fooling around was lot better. Here’s a movie which shows woman in such a good light and marriage as a better prospect. Between these two, personality wise as well as acting wise Ash scores hands down.

The only part I felt as inappropriate was the time Ash goes out to buy him food. She comfortably goes for a long time to get him food. By the time he discovers everything of her. But that time could be attributed to her finding about him too. Because it’s only at that time she knows about her poverty through his letter in rain coat. So when the first time rain coat is being used they both think the other one is well off but the second time it’s being used both know about the other one being struggling. We get to know all these in climax when Ajay finds Ash’s jewels in his raincoat. You can’t keep a better title. Take a bow, Ghosh! In the midst of the conversations between Ajay and his friend’s wife about her love and her advice to Ajay to cry while in shower was just icing on the cake. When I was in school and I had only National, they used to laud this movie. Only now I know why they did. This is the way to make a movie. Period.


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