Movie Review – Kalavani

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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This movie though have been played a numerous times in Vijay TV I still missed all this while. But the wait wasn’t worth. A similar film Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam was so well written and was made a lot better. And the title Kalavani couldn’t be underused more than this.


Vimal started as a promising actor. Shows promise here too but couldn’t withstand till the end. This movie had a lot of scope for him but he didnt perform as much as he should have. Not completely his mistake too though as the film was not well written.

No one would believe that it’s the same Oviya that we are seeing now. See how much cinema could transform a person. I remember Keira Knigthtley in Bend it like Beckham and now in Pirates of Carribean. What a changeover.

Just because I watched the movie in TV and there were lot of distractions I could forgive it. If it had been a laptop watch I would have hated it even more. I don’t know, in a movie made just for laughs, the background songs whenever these guys involve in some hideous activities was awesome. And out of the blue there was a classic scene, where in the background we could see Gandhi Ji while these fellows count the money.

Other than that one scene there were few laughs with Ganja Karuppu, Soori was under used, Oviya was irritating, Vimal was decent, his parents were awesome. And the activities involving family where he is shown as a relentless guy was good because till the end he was the same. That was a relief, instead of showing sensible. All in all the movie lacked character, they could have made a lot better.


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