Movie Review – Frozen

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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After a really long time I watched an animation movie. I wanted it to be fun and fulfilling but what I got out of it was a boring fairy tale. There are questions to be asked, whether I’ve got old for a fairytale, animation and stuff. Even fairytale marriage looks distant to me but animation definitely not. I’ve not been a great fan of animation but it’s also not something that I hated like love stories. Before Sunrise and its aftermath is a truly different story though.


Frozen was bland right from the first. We started watching as four people and two of them went to their room after first half an hour. The rest was restless. So it was only me watching it intently. May be the last half an hour was gripping and there were many 3D effects to add to the fun but other than that it was a very average movie. Nowhere near to Pixar. Wonder how those guys could repeat the magic every single time.

Even though the film was a musical, the good thing was it wasn’t overdone like Les Miserables. The title song was terrific. Almost all the songs were hummable after hearing just once. But the title song truly stood apart.

The film reminded a lot about Tangled. The settings, leads etc. But Frozen was better than at least Tangled. Tangled was plain boring. Frozen follows the story of Elsa who has telekinetic powers to produce ice and injures her sister while they play during the beginning of the movie. Then she’s locked in a separate room fearing that anyone she touches would become ice. Both these sisters grow up and their parents die, which we don’t know how. The death of their parents just passes of in a flash. It’s scenes like these which bring down the quality of the film. Then it’s just the regular story of one sister saving the other, the love, drama etc.

One good thing was the true loves kiss which her sister delivers instead of boyfriend. That was unexpected. But that doesn’t require a mention though. The good part of the film is the final half an hour after the younger sister is accidentally attacked by her sister. The action after that incident provided necessary thrills.


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