Movie Review – Manhattan

Posted: June 8, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Woody Allen does the same in every movie of his. He’s the protagonist, he’s bespectacled, he has an ex-wife, he doesn’t like pseudo intellectuals, has a lot of reference and talks, a lot! He repeats every one of this in every one of his movies. Manhattan, considered his best work till date by most of the people and probably his most loved work date is as good as any movie he does. The style is exactly same. The only movie where I found the style to be different is crimes and misdemeanors.


His love for the city is unparalleled. Be it Paris in Midnight in Paris or Manhattan in Manhattan. No one has loved the city like Woody Allen has done. Between these too Paris had more impact on me. Manhattan’s city love seemed more like a satire. Nevertheless the opening was curious. With the montages of city and the various voice overs explaining the mood of someone in background, it turned from happy to sad to confusing. Finally it’s all a laugh because the montages doesn’t mean a thing. It’d have been same with any city, any place with any other voice.

There were three of four very good shots in the film. Where the camera was in place and but actors had gone out of frame. The scene where he explains how he and the rest would be skeletons in one of the labs in future was the most hilarious scene in the movie. It comes to an end with an equally brilliant shot of the skeleton and two voices but what I liked the best is the first time he takes his 17 year girl friend to a museum and sees a painting, explaining the intricacies of it. He obviously doesn’t understand a thing and nods for Allen whereas his friends’ girlfriend comes and tells everything wrong about the painting. After a conversation he hates her and calls her pseudo intellectuals. From our point yes she does look pseudo-intellectual, pronouncing van Gogh wrongly and called Bergman not good but it could be the same in her point too. Both are stubborn in accepting each other’s view point. But that lady being financially more stable will make Allen look like a loser. This conversation is a repeating motif in every Allen’s movie.

It’s before this scene when he’s explaining the painting or rather enjoying it we don’t see what painting he sees but the other one which is ninety degree to him where most of the people are. Generally when a scene like this ends there is a shot of painting but we don’t see it here. That was the best shot I liked. The second best was the one where he, his friends’ girlfriend who is now turning into his girlfriend visit a museum which has all the planets and looks like a nice sci-fi romantic setting. Just when they are romantic we see a guy coming in with camera. Those were hilarious scenes.

There were obviously a lot of references, idiosyncrasies which I hadn’t understood but whatever I did I loved. No one can write like Woody Allen. One more thing special about the movie is his acting. This is by far his best acting in the movies. The climax shot where he smiles in front of his ex-17 year old girlfriend he looked handsome. A 40 year old, bald, bespectacled, annoying Woody Allen and handsome, can you believe it? But he indeed looked handsome.

Woody Allen, even though a sad man and has a lot of melodrama inside the scenes, does make me happy. He gives me confidence like how Ebert gave me confident. He makes me believe me, repeat the stuff I do. Carve a niche for myself, not trying to emulate but be me. If woody Allen for so long could have the style and repeat his success. I feel I definitely can do so too.


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