Book Review – Robinson Crusoe

Posted: June 2, 2014 in Book Reviews
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I don’t know why I liked Robinson Crusoe this much. It’s very rare when I can’t explain why I like a certain book or movie because that’s what I write about always. Robinson Crusoe is a person who gets cast away after his ship breaks. The initial few episodes with his father and about his ambitions were dull and monotonous but it picks up steam once he gets cast away.

robinson crusoe

The title doesn’t give anything away. Even though I’m not a fan of titles which has the leads name I still liked the name because it’s the only name we come across for most of the time. Here it’s special because it’s a story about Robinson Crusoe, not only the lead character but also the only character we read about most of the time. I don’t think that much thought would have gone in to select this title but still it made sense.

One good thing about the book is there is no hidden sympathy for beings other than him during his existence tale. In general when we see films or books now we could see a certain bit of villainy in killing animals or having slaves, even if it is a period film. But this book, as it was retaining few centuries ago didn’t have anything like that. When he wanted slaves, he wanted slaves. When he kills the animals, he kills it. That’s it. Everything is matter of fact. He doesn’t think too much and in turn doesn’t make us think too much too. He would be like, “I wanted the goat to be tame but it didn’t turn out to be so I killed it,” “I liked the young ones but started to eat my belongings so I shot them.” See, so simple!

The next part of the story after his initial survival tale becomes highly catholic. Though it’s understandable, that was the part that I didn’t like it. But I won’t go so far as to say that that should have been omitted because I know that a man alone in turmoil would be able to think of nothing but god because he’d have lost all the hope and want to say things to someone. As a normal human being who else better companion than the lord almighty is. But the funny thing is when his man Friday questions about his faith, it turns on a funny note.

Then comes the awesomest character in the story. His man Friday. In spite of reading about the character so long to I didn’t realize about the phrase. I was remembering him as Friday always. And how famous has this phrase become now. Even having a comedy caper titled, ‘His Girl Friday.’ My most favorite comedy movie till date. His devotion to this man Crusoe is unfathomable.

The rest of the story became predictable where Crusoe becomes a hero and saves Friday’s dad as well as a foreigner and going back to Brazil and England. The story got pace and also was hurried during this part. And the last part of story about what happens to Crusoe after landing and the mountain adventures could have been avoided. I know as it’s a book of the past he wanted to give a complete feeling but now it feels a bit lengthy and needless.

Coming back to what I said first, if I have to make sense of why I liked the book may be because as humans we all want to get out of routine and we wouldn’t do that unless we are compelled to. We want an experience like Crusoe but we wouldn’t do it on our own but complain of our routine life. When thrown into such a situation we’d have a story to tell.


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