Movie Review – Vaayai Moodi Pesavum

Posted: May 25, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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This guy should be appreciated first for the huge risk he has taken. But other than that there are very few things to be actually appreciated. First of all, the movie was half baked. The whole movie seemed to be formed from the idea of making a silent movie. So the whole built up made in the first half was too jarring. This concept of first half and second half has to be avoided in Tamil Cinema. The second half only seems to be a proper story and the first half was totally needless. If it had been a movie without interval may be the director would have reduced the time for built up and actually concentrated on the crux of the story.

vaayai moodi pesavum

Other than the silent film idea, the movie was mainly about performances. Best was Robot Shankar. If he had not been there in the first half it’d have been pretty bad. Nazriya then scores with her quietness rather than cuteness. Good to have a heroine who looks good, performs well and more importantly talks Tamil. Even though she doesn’t like talking much and her expressions are minimal, much focus was given to her lips which she always has with lip gloss. Quite sexy. The majestic walk which she does after everyone has to keep quiet. Heroic!

Dulquer on the other hand does a decent job. If he continues with this cuteness it will sure irritate audience in future. Good that Balaji Mohan opted for a moustache less Dulquer. He looked a lot better this way. When I first saw him in Koffee with DD, Madhubala looked younger than Dulquer.

Madhubala looked lovely in the movie too and don’t know what’s with Nazriya. She always ends up resembling the other heroine in the movie in some angle. And her mannerism too resembled Madhubala. Biggest surprise was my school mate in the movie as her possessive boyfriend. He was flawless in his performance. The YouTube serial has to be seen soon to see his full potential.

Music too wasn’t as great as expected. Yes the second half was decent and except for that one song “Kadhal Ara Onnu Vizundhuchu” there isn’t much to be said about the songs. I liked the background music of the loser friend better which was similar to the starting music of “Pookal Pookum Tharunam.” Brilliant song that!


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