Movie Review – Drishyam

Posted: May 25, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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I could see Kamal in every frame of this movie. Especially the first half an hour when the camera focuses on Mohanlal’s eyes which doesn’t give anything away but has that stern look about something. Add a little bit of communism and atheism, you’ve Kamalism there. And the character is heroic too so there isn’t much which has to be changed. Even when Mohanlal gets hit by the constable Sahadevan who hates him, it comes with a certain bit of heroism so I don’t see whether there’ll be any regret at all by Kamal to do this film.


Coming to this film, it wasn’t like a normal Malayalam film even though it had a slow first half. The title sequence was awesome where a policeman gets into the bus and reaches the newly constructed police station. Though it’s a regular technique used nowadays to put up the title having someone in close up while travelling but this sequence was used to good effect here with the other characters in the bus too acting so well and discussing stuff. It made us focus the whole bus rather than the title card. Even though the discussions were just supposed to be noise for us like how the new cop would hear, I was able to know it because of the subtitles. One more problem of watching movies with subtitles.

As I watched Indian Rupee the previous week I was forced to compare this film with Indian Rupee. The first half was more about building the movie. Few of Mohanlals antics were good like involving in a brat with constable or about his repeated reference to his wife’s proverb saying remark. All the repeated sexual reference which their elder daughter understands was something different. Though I was not comfortable with it. Should have been more subtle or at least Anju should have laughed when they had not seen or I don’t know whether it’s only a guy’s discomfort when parents involved in such activities.

The best thing I liked about the movie other than the obvious climax scene was when Varun who was constantly referenced as IG’s son, he was in fact the son of IG but his mother was IG and not his father. That was a pleasant surprise because I know everyone would have got it wrong there. Also when the policemen finish their investigation in Georgekutty’s (Mohanlal) house we see the driver of the jeep taking in a cellphone and keeping it down as soon as the SI arrives. These were the two surprising scenes other in what was a very good commercial film.

Even though the first half was about the family and stuff it was still slow with only obvious proceedings happening in the story. The second half was where the movie grips where Mohanlal takes charge. And equally good was the IG Geetha who effortlessly shifts between a worried mother and a determined IG. She could have easily spoilt it but does a fabulous job.

Even though most of the things that Mohanlal does was already seen. It’s a clever thinking by the director to show him as a movie lover and that too a serious one. Every move he does is through movies and he has made it quite seriously. For a person like me who has obtained all the knowledge through the movies I could understand. I liked the films’ title too, Dhrishyam meaning visual and how he has recreated the whole two days because Anju once says that the darshan in Thozupuzha was already over. We know that he has recreated them but we too start believing that he has gone on the 2nd and 3rd only.

But one thing as an intelligent IG Geetha should have guessed was. Everyone says the day and date perfectly. That shows that he has planted the idea in their mind. At least one should have made it wrong. The same logic which Mohanlal says to his children about the timings of the darshan.

Music as usual was very minimal and repetitive too. All I could hear was the same background music in the first half. May be that’s their style but nothing to complain because it wasn’t too jarring to spoil the essence of the movie.

I would definitely love to see this as Kamal movie, especially for the walk that he’d be making in the climax after disposing the body.


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