Movie Review – Indian Rupee

Posted: May 18, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Indian Rupee is Soodhu Kavvum in Malayalam. I can’t help but appreciate director Ranjith who has given this type of treatment to a film. I’m not exposed to Malayalam film much. May be all Malayalam films have this style but this is a script which was so cautiously made in a subtle manner. There were lot of instances where a fancy background music, a fast beat song, a ROFL moment could be introduced but right from the start to end everything was intact. Much appreciation has to be given to the music director do because he didn’t try anything fancy in the film. Rather played the same tone again and again.

indian rupee

Prithiviraj was the most brilliant of the lot. He could have stepped over the line any moment he wanted but he does a fabulous job in getting to the skin of the character. He has a friend in the form of Tini Tom who plays CH. Even he underplays his role so brilliantly. You rarely even feel like he’s there in the movie. The most heroic character goes to Achuta Menon. But his character is a question mark. What an actor Thilakan is. You don’t know why he came into the life of Prithiviraj and why he helped and how he died. It’d have been better if it wasn’t said during the climax. But the way his character was build was fabulous. We always expect him to do some kind of magic at some moments but he doesn’t pull of a stunt. Just before the interval when he says that he has to brush up his brain we think that he’s going to do something special but ends up doing nothing in the second half. Rather it’s Prithiviraj who gets into the business of fake money.

I didn’t like the angle of Prithiviraj and his sister. Felt a bit incestuous. Director was trying too much to be cute. But the actress Rima Kallingal was sexy as hell in whatever scene she appeared. Rest of the characters too did their job perfectly. Especially the people under whom Prithiviraj works. Loved the scene where they talk to a potential buyer of shopping complex and talk him to not buy that one. Joy talks to him whereas the other one mono acts what to do. Great scene that was.

Of all the scenes that Prithiviraj could have been stepped over the line, main scenes were the one where he goes to Jail, comes back to Gold Pappan and the scene where he explains what an average Malayali guy wants too was a great scene. It was great because he tells all these things as a trademark of villains and finally says that this is what an average Malayali guy wants and he too wanted the same. That’s the only scene where the camera rolls around and gives a cinematic effect. Rightly so. The scene deserves such a treatment.

Whereas on the other hand the 25 lakh scene wasn’t made with any high drama at all. It’s a scene which reminds me now of suitcase scene in Jackie Brown. This scene is another example of subtlety. At this juncture the director could have easily jumped for a black comedy sequence. Rather it was a very good satirical scene.

Even though I liked the film very much I’d have preferred a better title. But don’t know whether the director chose this title again for subtlety or to not give a clue.



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