Movie Review – Andaz Apna Apna

Posted: May 17, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Andaz Apna Apna was what Ullathai Allitha would have been for non-Tamil people. Though I enjoyed the boyish charm of Aamir Khan and naivety of Salman Khan this would have been far more enjoyable for people who’ve watched their respective films before Lagaan and Dabaang. Reportedly Manivannan’s scenes seemed to have been copied from Andaz Apna Apna but I got a few more laughs there. May be because I could understand each and every dialogue of Manivannan and co. rather than Paresh Rawal and co. But undoubtedly when it came to acting Paresh Rawals part was far better.

andaz apna apna

There may be a huge cast in the movie but it was Aamir Khan who absolutely stole the show. Right from the Juhi Chawla scene to the climax scene every time he does ‘Aila’ was a treat. Aamir in spite of being so good at comedies tries to take up serious movie so that he could project himself as a serious movie maker. I don’t blame him. But his role as Rancho is 3 idiots was far better than that of hid Dhobi Ghat role. In fact the only weak link in Dhobi Ghat was Aamir Khan who was trying so hard to be normal. Whereas in 3 idiots he bites his tongue in the same way as he does during his Andaz Apna Apna days. He has a huge advantage in the form of boyish charm even though he’s aging.

Salman too couldn’t be taken lightly. What he has done in this movie he’d never hurt his ego and do it again. I don’t think he’d even be able to do what he has done in the movie. Salman as an absolute loser was a treat to watch. Raveena too was hot but couldn’t match her look alike Sonali Bendre. Karishma as an idiotic girl was a disaster. I hate that type of role I hated her too in the movie. The sidekicks whereas were fabulous. I’d rate them next to Aamir in terms of acting when it comes to the movie.

But having seen most of the scenes in some movie or the other. That excitement of seeing things the first time wasn’t there. But I know I’m very late to watch this movie. This would have been an ideal movie to watch in television. Not necessary to watch even as a whole but from any juncture as it’d have definitely provided the laughs. Television viewing of this movie as an escapade of studies during the school time should have been a treat rather than watching it on a computer. It felt so small scale and inappropriate.

Every time Aamir does an ‘Aila’ and Salman responds with an ‘Oi Maa’ was a treat. This is what when people who really want to outperform as characters in the movie which the script demands and not as people who want to outperform in their role to get more acknowledgment. Of all the scenes my favorite would be Aamir wading of Tea walas every time he brings two tea. That too having watched this movie on the day Modi Sarkar was formed, it was so appropriate.

I’m still to watch Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. This film gave me more reasons to watch the above two quite soon but the same couldn’t be said about Salmans early film which both I’m unaware of and uninterested in.



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