Movie Review – The Apartment

Posted: April 27, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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I love these good old black and white comedies. Films like His Girl Friday, this one are a cheerful bunch that would raise your happiness level one notch. But still no film is beating His Girl Friday when it comes to comedies. This one almost came close to it but His Girl Friday still remains at number one.

the apartment

The apartment wasn’t anything like I thought. As my DVD has a Chinese title below this one and also had a yellow tint I thought it to be a Korean movie but only after reading what was in it I came to know that it’s a Billy Wilder movie. You never know how you could be surprised.

Jack Lemmon was as fabulous as he could get, Shirley MacLaine was such a cutie pie and Fred Macmurray was as cold as one could get. That’s how good a cast you can get. Not only was them, even the supporting cast a fabulous. Of all the characters Buddy Boy C. C. Baxters character was well etched. The opening scene itself was enough to know that he’s going to be one hilarious chap. The very first scene where he nods his head as the typewriter moves from one side to another was a hilarious one. We come to know that he’s yet another bored worker.

The most curious moment of the movie is when he tells that he works late because he can’t get home early. We see someone using their room. We don’t know who and how. We slowly get to know that he’s no cheater and he’s in there with Baxters consent. We step by step know that the guy is his superior and then there is a whole lot of people using his apartment like this. The way the whole thing develops step by step to give more meaning to the title is fabulous.

Then comes Kubelik, the elevator girl and Sheldrake, Baxters boss. The whole confusion of Kubelik being his girlfriend, he going for Kubelik with Sheldrakes movie tickets. She taking pills in Baxters room and other employees thinking that he has got a price catch along with neighbors too confirming that he brings girls to his apartment daily was fabulous sketched. The way everything falls into place is so well written. It’s how Nolan explains in climax of his various twists.

We know it’s going to have a positive ending and it does end in such a fashion keeping us all happy. This is how you want to make comedies.


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