Movie Review – Shocking Blue

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Shocking Blue had the best opening of the list of films I watched during this film festival. I thought Shocking Blue would be the 32A (best feel good film I watched during last film festival) this time. It had three young people going on a joy ride enjoying their teenage. They try to enact certain scenes and the rest of the two give marks for that. They initially try to pee on top of a railway track, and then one acts as if he kisses a girl and has sex with her and lastly the main character of the film acts as if he’s dead on a pool of blood which he does using the ketchup in the restaurant to impress a woman. And as expected the second act gets 10 out of 10 points from friends. And I too gave 10/10 till this juncture. And everything after this was plain boring soupy love lost drama.

shocking blue

The film which showed a lot of promise falters after one of the friends Jack loses his life. The one at the wheel William thinks it’s his mistake and he has killed Jack. As William has seen Jack the day before having sex with a girl she likes he thinks like that. But before that happen we could easily visualize what was going to happen because they show the tractor wheel in nice close up. Like how the shots of bus in Engeyum Eppothum pretty much gave out the climax. The wheel shot pretty much gave out what was about to happen.

Once after Williams death it was pure melancholy. He gets to meet the girl he liked going in a Land Rover. It was a funny scene when he tells her that she’ll become fat if she eats like this. She replies that she’s pregnant. But nobody laughed for that. Its Williams son she has and this guy starts to take care of her because of the young William growing in her fetus. Yawn!

They have a makeshift house which looks quite nice for a makeshift house and they stay there happily until she gives birth to a still born fetus without making a bit of noise. That’s a horrific scene seeing a dead fetus. Not as horrific as 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days but makes us eww with discomfort. They bury it and like happily ever after I suppose.

The movie didn’t work because till it was trying to be happy. It was really happy. I didn’t see anything sad coming. In some movies you see close up shots one of the people laughing their heart out and the next scene you see them in death bed. The happiness in this film wasn’t like that. But the sadness was exactly like that. They were begging for our mercy to be sympathized. And as expected they didn’t get any sympathy. I would have sympathized with him even if had been put in prison for killing William but this plain boring stuff literally.

This film got the highest applause of the ending because of its theme and “oh such a sweet guy” type of climax but you know better…


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