Movie Review – Bright Vision

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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I’ve never liked the idea of documentaries. Showing things as such makes the movies lose its artistry. But whatever documentaries I’ve watched like Hoop Dreams, Waltz with Bashir have been so good that I thought I had a wrong opinion of documentaries. In fact Waltz with Bashir never felt like a documentary. It was like a proper artistic feature film. Hoop dreams on the other hand was like one of my ideas. Filming individuals throughout their life. It was engaging even though it was as long as 3 hours. Can’t believe that the directors spent 5 years to film this. It’s a funny feeling when someone does what you think could be achieved only in the dreams.

aisling gheal

Bright Vision or else the original title Aisling Gheal is a team of woman teaching classical Irish music. Sean Nos is their world cup. We see so many people enthusiastically participating in the Sean Nos cup and how much effort goes into each tournament. One of the tutors who teaches in Aisling Gheal also participates in Sean Nos who repeatedly gets the second place.

She takes care of a young student called Shahira and teaches her the classical music so that she could perform on stage. Shahira though initially skeptical gets to learn music and performs on stage finally. The interactions with one of the oldest winners of the Sean Nos was quite good with Shahira being both innocent and nervous taking to her.

Two things I liked about the movie was the climax. It stopped at the exact moment I wanted it to end with Shahira going in the stage. Seeing her through and winning would have made it even more boring. And the Sullane River flowing smoothly every time there is a song was a treat to watch. Those sceneries were a break from monotonous documentary shots. Also the quotes were quite good. Those river shots reminded me a lot of Departures where the hero plays cello and the stream flows throughout.


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