Movie Review – Blind Spot

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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You never know from where all you’ll get spoilers. I was down to the canteen which serves one of the best chocolate cakes with dark chocolate and all and there comes a lady who replies to the guy who asked me whether the film is over. She said that the next film was going to be an action one and fun film. Duh! And I try not to read even the synopsis of the film as it’d spoil the suspense. So right from the start I was expecting a thriller/action film trying out to find twists in every nook and corner.

blind spot

Seems this film was selected as the Luxembourgian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards. It’s a decent thriller with a good climax which I don’t want to reveal as it’d spoil the fun but doesn’t deal much with the character sketch and stuff. Few scenes like Olivier being gay and his sub official finding it out could have been left unexplained. It would have given the character a whole new dimension and the film a lot more depth. There was a neat Inception like story board sketch in the climax which tries to give the complete feeling but rather stops us from thinking about the movie after the end.

It’s a promising scene at the start with an inspector coming out of jail, someone giving someone a blow job in the car, we see only silhouette there so we don’t know who’s who. And suddenly the inspectors’ relation gets killed. Someone gives him a consoling hug. There was mystery everywhere till the point. But after this we get to know why each character behaves in the way they behaved.

When are people going to understand it’s not important what’s there inside the wrapper but it’s the feeling of seeing what’s inside the wrapper which is more exciting. Once the wrapper is opened you either jump with joy or sit stale with sadness but will the point of seeing the gift there is always an excitement. That’s the thing that Blind Spot fails to use. Except for the title there was no blind spot in the movie. All we see is a clean sketch in a neat board.

But having said that, the climax twist was likable in spite of not being great and the characters were superbly played by the actors. Especially the lead Andre Jung who acts as Inspector Hastert. He was always tensed and angry over something or the other. And only gets relieved during the climax where he gets to know that he has done the right thing.


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