Movie Review – The Great Beauty

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Hollywood should be grateful that the movie wasn’t from its own because if it had been I’m sure it’d have bagged Oscars in all categories like cinematography, music, art direction etc. Because these were the things which elevated the movie from being a normal beauty to great beauty. Anyone who’s into writing and trying either to be intellectual or pseudo-intellectual will love this movie. Especially men. For every time they see a woman getting intellectual they want to tame them by their own intellectuality like how Jep does while they are in casual coffee table conversation.


Jep is a confident guy like PTA. You can’t really say there is something wrong with his film because of the confidence he has. Similarly even if Jep is entirely wrong in his acquisitions you can’t blame him because he tells things too confidently and doesn’t have an ear to what others have to say.  Jep opening quote, “To this question, when we were young, my friends used to answer always the same way: “Pussy”. I instead used to answer: “The smell of old people’s houses”. The question was: “What do you really like in life?” I was destined to sensibility. I was destined to become a writer. I was destined to become Jep Gambardella.” Tells us what to expect out of the film and that it’s not going to be a normal film. This dialogue comes out of nowhere when we begin to settle down hearing all types of music.

The movie poses a lot of questions like love, faith, life, courage etc. All masked in a bourgeoisie style life style and intellects. They live life in their own way. I made sure that I’ll watch this movie as soon as I saw the poster of the film. Toni Servillo in yellow jacket sitting with his legs crossed and background dark. That still itself was enough to make any movie watcher curious about the movie. But I thought this movie would be a silent one with only Toni and no music, long shots etc. But it turned quite the opposite way but still was beautiful, staying true to its title, The great Beauty.

The setting couldn’t be better with Coliseum in the background. Parties at the top floor overseeing the coliseum. A lot of art, sculptures and smooth flowing camera. I was loving the movie just for the camera work alone for the initial few minutes. Only started forgetting about it after Jep started to talk. The feel of the film in general was like that of ‘The Master.’ Though not as heavy as that and also not as hard hitting as that too.

Even though I could connect with Jep quite effortlessly. Wanting to live life like him, on a high, criticizing everyone. Not contemplating about life. I’m quite like him too knowing that none of us here are happy and almost starting to accept that as a fact. But even though I could connect with Jep I couldn’t strike a chord with the film. It still was a series of bizzare events that couldn’t be jelled well to give the final product. I’m not expecting a definite narrative but would have helped if I could have connected to the movie like I do with Bergmans. May be its not for me.


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