Movie Review – Love Me or Leave Me

Posted: April 11, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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What I thought to be a boring insipid tale ended up to be the best of the lot I watched during European Voice of Youth film festival. The problem with the movie was it was trying so much to be a complex movie. And having said that the film is about a youth I was trying so hard to see which one’s life is getting impacted the most. For me it looked more like a movie about the mother more than the daughter.

love me or leave me

It takes a while to realize who’s who in the movie. What are the characters doing and how are they related etc. The most charming person is the grandma. She gets a curious introduction like that of a crime movie where the hero interrogates a suspect whom no one think is a suspect but after that one scene she just walks away taking all the credit in the movie. There is a beautiful chemistry between her and her grandchild, a sixteen year old Mira who is born to her mother Zusa’s first husband. Mira is the rebel here and she rebels without cause like any teenager in turmoil. Zusa’s second daughter on the other hand is a cute little girl who’s the only one not getting involved in all this complexity. Good for her.

Zusa’s friends are brilliant people. The best group of the movie is the three friends. How the good looking one teases the fat one without any mercy. The way they try to console Zusa but immediately talk about their own husbands are things that usually don’t happen in a normal movie. They were very well written.

Zusa’s husband doesn’t have a say in this movie. It’s more of a female oriented movie. But in whichever scene he appears with her daughter he pulls of the cuteness quite efficiently. The tension between Zusa and Mira too are quite efficient. But Mira is a confused kid. Even I was confused as to what she was trying. It wasn’t complex but confusing. When Mira tries to get into the bathroom where her step dad takes bath it doesn’t look just like a revenge thing but looked as genuine attraction.

The climax was quite beautiful between the railway tracks. Even though all the combinations worked well. When everything was joined together it lacked a piece in the puzzle. The posters were pretty misleading too. It looked more like a horror movie than a drama movie with all those red hair and stuff.


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