Movie Review – Hope is a Strange Place

Posted: April 11, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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The movie had a really promising start with a teenager Lourenco plugging on his earphones while he hears his parents getting sexually involved. I thought I was in for a treat. This is one subject which hasn’t been dealt properly in any films. Then we see his father Francisco Figueiredo, a famous coach, sending a note to one of the player to not go for a goal. I was again like ‘wow.’ It was like an icing on the cake. Then after certain moments we get to know that Francisco has asked the player to miss the penalty because it was a fixed match and wasn’t an actual penalty. So he loses his job, fame etc but being a proud man he doesn’t let his son know. I was again like ‘wow.’ And the wow moments stop right from there.

Hope is a strange place

This guy Lourenco then gets into public school where there are mostly black people (his first girlfriend is a damn hot chick by the way) suffers a lot initially. Then his mom leaves them so that he could get back to the school. Then his dad become paralyzed or acts like one. That’s where it gets so bad and soupy that you’d have preferred a mindless rom com rather.

The movie commits every possible mistake trying to shift between a feel good movie and art movie and finally ends up being an ‘oh so sweet’ movie. This is the only movie which got claps in the hall. Thanks to the happies endings…

Every situation sparked in the movie draws from the core point and gets treated at the surface level. During climax when the similar scene to the opening scene gets repeated Lourenco says it’s a foul and Francisco beams with pride. Then also rejects an offer to teach some big team, preferring ghetto team to it.


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