Movie Review – Children of Men

Posted: March 30, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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This has got to be the best action film I’ve ever watched. Even if I like certain films I mostly don’t the same pleasure while watching for the second time but this wasn’t like the rest. I loved it as much as I loved for the first time. Such a brilliant movie this which keeps the thrill from the first till last. Even the title is so meaningful like the movie.

children of men

The movie comes to the point right from the first scene and then the title flashes. The hero isn’t like anywhere interested in what’s going on. His resentment could be been till he meets the girl Kee (Clare-Hope Ashitey), a girl who’s pregnant after two decades. The initial few scenes tell us how world would turn up if they know that there is going to be no future. The whole idea of existence will change. We won’t want to leave anything behind. We’d like to use maximum resources for ourselves. We’ll become selfish. We won’t feel like working. There won’t be any existence. We see the whole earth as a burning match stick and want to use the light to the maximum till our turns come. Can things get worse?

This is a curious subject. Don’t know why it didn’t occur to any before. We see future in two ways. One where there will be lot of scientific innovations and hep. Other where the world is about to end due to an alien attack or a meteor drop. But here the world is going to stay as such and we people are going to die. What a curious case. In any other situation at least there will be people willing to fight. Here they only fight against each other. Such a complex situation which human mind can’t endure. I was blown away by the subject first time I saw.

There were few brilliant scenes which stood out from the brilliant movie in itself. I loved the sarcasm where Theo (Clive Owen) talks to Jasper Palmer (Michael Caine) where the latter says about ganja still being illegal. It was quite funny. Then there was the action sequence where Julian Taylor (Julianne Moore) dies. That was one brilliantly choreographed action sequence with car in reverse and camera inside it. It took me a while to understand what was really happening. And all this happens within minutes of the most happy scene in the movie, where the estranged couple get a glimpse of their missing romance by a game they play when they were together, catching a ping pong ball thrown from ones mouth to other. And the best of the lot is an uncut sequence with hand held cameras where Theo tried to take Kee to safety. It gets even more brilliant when the refugees acknowledge the baby cry and the soldier asks to cease fire. Then the reality strikes then quite literally, in the form of bomb. Man, how else could humanity be shown so brilliantly?

The climax too stands out for its uniqueness. Like a fetus in mother’s womb the new born baby and the mother, the future generation sit there in a small boat, which is floating in the water like a baby does in her mother’s womb. And like a hand from outside a ship comes. We don’t know whether the Human Project is for real, we don’t know whether the ship Tomorrow is for real but we don’t even know whether they have a tomorrow.

Hope is life and everyone lives with hope that someday something good will happen. Even Kee and her child wait for the same. May be they’ll have a Tomorrow.


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