Movie Review – Cache

Posted: March 30, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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What was an amazing night of open ended movies, just ended perfectly with Cache. There were debates regarding the rest of the movies including Blow Up being called as a non-open ending. But it’s fine. People have their own perspective. But the conclusion was smooth thanks to Cache. Everyone accepted it’s an open ending and one guy Bhuvanesh who was the most observant of the lot said, “You play this movie at this time.” I took it as a compliment but I knew I over did it. It was too much for them. I’m a show off so couldn’t help it. Even though there were questions about open endings everyone loved the movies and most of them were new members.


After 2 years and I got a chance to watch this movie again. Thanks to Children of Men being not played, again being cited as a closed ending and famous movie. With a lot more maturity (not that I’m proud off) I watched Cache again but the end result was the same. No one knows why things happen. The climax brilliantly surpasses all the doubts we have throughout the movie. The way Haneke clearly deceives us every time we see the scene is just fabulous. Similar scene appears even during the middle of the movie where the kid Pierrot comes out of nowhere to get to his dads car. May be that’s the clue for the whole plot.

Watching for the second time Cache makes Amour look cheap. Amour looks so normal when compared to this. The turmoil that the lead characters are in throughout this movie is incomparable to the old couple. There are certain curious shots of a boy having blood in his mouth. When that boy cuts off the chicken head it’s as gruesome as it could get. A similar scene in babel is more fun than cruel but both gets to the point it wants to.

Ebert has a brilliant review for this movie. I’m amazed that one could think like that. One guy in the crowd did. The second last scene where we see the long shot of the house is an excellent one which actually puts forth the question. After all is it the director who shoots all these videos. Man what a brilliant explanation that is. This is a film which doesn’t give out the answers and there is answers too were nowhere to be seen, neither are the questions they too are not there. What you see is what you get. It’s pointless to watch the movie to get the answers. You might get answer when you watch it the second time but that’s not actually the answer is what you think the answer might be.

There is only one thing that I disagree with Eberts review after watching for the second time. He prefers the title hidden to cache. I like the original title cache. In it even the word hidden is hidden inside another word. And the smoking gun staring at us what is it?


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