Movie Review – Blow Up

Posted: March 30, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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If you are a photographer you shouldn’t miss the film. If you’re a movie lover too it’s a must watch but you’ll share a special bond with the film if you are into photography. See from where to where have the photography has gone. See how good old photography is so organic without computers and softwares. The films, dark room, blow ups, prints etc. Wow that’s photography. It has all become so easy now. I’m not trying to say that there are no good photographers nowadays. Thanks to digital photography, many could get into photography and could click as much as possible. But the pleasure which they’ve got with camera with films couldn’t be got with a digital camera. Well, all this got nothing to do with the movie but when Thomas (David Hemmings) develops those photos running back and forth to dark room I felt a bit sad.

blow up

Set in swinging London, the film focuses on a day in the life of a fashion photographer played brilliantly like David Hemmings. If someone asks me which role I’d have liked to do I definitely would have chosen this role. Such a charmer this guy is. His devil may care attitude and his involvement in photography is something I’d like to have portrayed.

After getting bored with monotonous fashion photography he goes out to do some fashion photography. He buys propellerwhich is not told why till the end. But the land owner when she poses with the wind shaft it looks lovely. So are the rest of the photos that he gives to Ron. As soon as he sees the couple go to the park he gets all excited like a little child. Even when he develops the photo of the couple he took it looks brilliant.

Once he blows up the pictures he finds something curious. He keeps on blowing the picture till he gets the clear idea of it. Even we find out what’s hidden in the photo only when he does. As soon as he finds about the hidden person with gun he again gets all excited. He doesn’t try to give the lady or the man she is with any kind of empathy. He gets excited because it could be a great photograph. That’s how he is.

Followed by that intense scene is one of the sexiest scene but in no way gross. The romp in the studio between those girls and Thomas couldn’t have been made in a better way. Funny thing is he sleeps after the romp only to be again focused on the photograph. Poor girls they leave without any photographs being taken.

When he goes to the same place to find the body of dead man he forgets camera and comes back home where he sees all his photos being lost. Again that mystery is never explained. But Thomas never panics for anything. Even when he goes the next day to the park he doesn’t panic when he doesn’t see the corpse. But it’s quite obvious. All he wants is the excitement which he loves.

And the best part is the climax with mime actors. These guys who start the film end it too and how? The tennis match scene is such a brilliant one. Like how Thomas gets involved in the tennis match after some time even we get involved in it. Especially when the camera shows the empty grass land following as if following a ball we actually start imagine as if there is a ball. Instead of Thomas throwing the ball I would have liked it if the director had finished with the shot of grassland. Anyways this ending too was good. After all after throwing the ball all we see is the grassland.


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