Movie Review – 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days

Posted: March 30, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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This is where it all started. My transformation from a mindless movie watcher to a movie lover. During my semester holidays I used to watch all the movies that’s in the drive. 5 to 6 movies a day. My record is 7. I just want to increase the count. I wasn’t worried whether it’s worth spending the time, how much I’d concentrate etc. So from Vijay TV dubbed films to Werner Herzog the spree will go in full flow. And while I was watching I luckily got hold of this one. I wasn’t much exposed to world movies then. I remember analyzing this film for 3 hours with my friend which has never happened before. And this is where I stopped asking questions and started realizing about the feel of the movie. How much ever I say you can’t understand the impact this movie had on me.

4 months 3 weeks and 2 days

I’m a fan of hard hitting movies. The scene where the fetus lies in the bathroom is one of the cruelest scenes in cinema. My utmost respect to womanhood is because of the fact they give birth to child, the pain they undertake. How much ever you bitch woman. There is this fact which can never be changed. And when someone dumps the fetus in bathroom saying, “I dumped it there,” how’d you expect to have respect for that woman. But on the other hand there is this woman who gives herself to some stranger, almost breaks up in a relationship and does all the work for the mistake of her friend. Worst thing is that she can’t even afford to cry.

The movie poster in Wikipedia says it all. She’s pushed against the wall but she was the one who chose it. My friend said that she’d want a girlfriend like that. Only then I understood how strong the woman is. Though my ideal girlfriend would be Celine. I could understood what he wanted to say. Otilia (Anamaria Marnica) and Gabita (Laura Vasilu) play two completely opposite characters. Even though Otilia is hurt like hell after having sex with the doctor she doesn’t raise her voice against Gabita because she is undergoing abortion but Gabita irritates till the last moment, coming out of her room for dinner because she is hungry and in process irritates Otilia even more. But as usual Otilia remains silent then too.

Like many great films this too has a great dining table scene. Seems dining table is used as a tool to bring people together. It’s the easiest way to make everyone appear in the same frame but it’d be very tough to write a scene there. They’ve to talk about all trivial things. Each one has to react perfectly, the mood should be set up right because everyone are in focus. In a similar scene here, Otilia and his boyfriend Adi sit together silently while others are in a jolly mood. That long shot was perfectly placed reflecting the mood of each individual.

Otilia who wanted to call Gabita as soon as she enters Adi’s house hears the phone ringing while the others are conversing. The ringing of the phone is not as loud as you expect. It could be easily missed and Otilia too doesn’t show it in her face exactly her restlessness to go to the phone. It was one of the brilliant scenes in the movie. Adi too was a humble guy who understands Otilia being in some sort of problem and doesn’t involve in a fight.

Throughout the movie the directors keeps us curious. Even though I knew the story as I had watched before. It takes a long time to understand what Otilia is trying for. More than the abortion scene, the scene where Bebe explains about the procedure is cruel. He comes across as the most unsympathetic human being. But what’s more special here is we don’t lose the curiosity even after knowing about abortion. The focus entirely shifts from Gabita to Otilia. The scene where Otilia remains silent in bathroom after going to Adi’s house explains the turmoil she undergoes. What worse could happen to a woman on a single day? Her friend lies about her pregnancy, she has sex with some unknown stranger and further goes to her boyfriend’s mother’s birthday party on compulsion.

It’s the best feminist movie I’ve ever seen. It beats even Aval Oru Thodarkadhai. In fact this is the best film I’ve ever seen. The problem while watching for the second time I was expecting to be blown off by the movie for each and every single scene but as Sheldon says, “would be possible to blow off the mind which is already blown.” I’m not sure but this movie is special for me.


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