Movie Review – Thegidi

Posted: March 16, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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I went to this film with a lot of expectations. Every one of my friends who had watched the film raved about it. I like the guy Ashok Selvan. He was brilliant in Soodhu Kavvum and so were the rest. Even the trailers were interesting even if not rocking. As I had missed a lot of good Tamil movies till that date I thought I shouldn’t miss a film which is liked my many. So in spite of being a hectic day I still went to the movie. It was a neat no nonsense film but nothing extraordinary. Things fall into place too easily. The tension that you have while rolling the dice and wait for the number you want is not much there in this film. You could almost guess what number is going to turnout. Nevertheless it was fun.


Vetri (Ashok Selvan) is a guy who has just graduated out of criminology department and starts working for a detective agency. How he gets cheated and comes out of it is the story. It’s a pretty straight forward one. The initial twenty minutes is soothing. All goes well, he becomes a detective, and he has a pretty girlfriend who wears make up like hell even when visiting him in police station. The romance part was sweet. But like a typical love story it’s from the lady he loves the story starts. Everyone he investigates gets killed except for the leading lady and that’s how love blossoms and he gets to solve the rest of the case with vigor.

Vetri comes out as a youngster who has good observing skills. But that scene where the teacher finds about that could have been made better. It was far too easy. One good thing is he’s not a poor guy who is desperate but an ambitious one who is cool. He is a tad cooler than you expect. I guess the cameraman or the director found out that he looks cute when smiling and made him give that smile for more than necessary moments. You could see him always smiling as the film progresses.

The film has very few twists for a thriller. And everything is almost guessable. Sailesh (Jayakumar) comes out as a guy who always has suspicious looks so it wasn’t very tough to find out the interval block twist. Even the climax twist was quite easy to find out. As a whole the villainous group weren’t threatening enough. They were quite easily caught for their activities. May be the director wanted to show how a normal man who does villainous deeds would plan.

The climax was good within an open ending. Even though that didn’t have the necessary thriller moment it was good enough to make us smile. But I don’t think the director has a realistic chance of doing the second part. And I think I could guess who the head of the gang too.

The music as always by all these new guys is amazing. I still couldn’t stop humming Vinmeen Vithayil. It has great lyrics too.

But one good thing the film did to me was, it gave me a small idea for my short film. Hope it materializes.


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