Movie Review – The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Posted: March 8, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Even though I didn’t know what the hell desolation of Smaug meant this was way better than the first part. It is the only franchise I’m interested as of now thanks to Lord of the Rings, the best adaptation ever. But this one was nowhere near to Lord of the Rings. I doubt whether I would like Lord of the Rings if I watch now because this Hobbit series has made me doubtful of its legendary status. Hobbit still is like a video game where you go every stage and counter enemies from nowhere. Tolkien’s work does have a lot of deus ex machina but when you have someone who can be invisible it all gets so easy. Bilbo looks a clear hero compared to Frodo.

the hobbit desolaution of the smaug

Frodo had a lot of dimension to himself. Even though they both looked similar, that was the only similarity. Their characters are totally different. I accept that they are two different persons but both of them are hobbits. Bilbo looks lot more human, lot more cunning that Frodo. I don’t know whether it was meant that way but Bilbo is excited of adventure which is not the characteristic of Hobbits. It doesn’t make much effort to cajole Bilbo. Frodo was very hard to convince when compared to Bilbo. As someone who jumped into adventure very easily it wasn’t easy to stop him from growing further up in adventure once he gets the ring.

Like how Harry Potter last part was split into two halves for pure production value even this 3 part looks like the same. They make you wait and wait till the last part for the real climax to happen. In fact I liked the Harry Potter last two parts than this. Hobbit would work better if we see all of it together. Because it was clearly visible that they drag and drag to make a grand climax. Lord of the Rings wasn’t like that. It kept you on your toes throughout.

I know it’s tough to make a prequel for a very successful series but when Star Wars could be made why not Lord of the Rings. That too by the same director. I had a lot of hope on Peter Jackson. He didn’t fulfill it properly. May be he’ll conclude it in a grand manner but there are of course short comings in the first two part which is tough to neglect. In fact it makes us forget what all happened till now. I even thought I should have watched the first part before watching this one but I wasn’t really interested at first place and two, it’s a very lengthy movie which I can’t afford to watch again. At least the third one I wish to catch up on the big screen. It would be grand.

And of the five films in this series this was the first time I felt the graphics not up to the mark. When the dwarfs escape from elves through the water fighting the orcs, the graphics was clearly visible. Never before there was a scene where the graphics was visible. It all looked real. But as it happens in the most exciting sequence in the movie. It probably has escaped the wrath.

In spite of all these shortcomings I’m still eager to watch the final part. Hope it stays majestic like how Darth Vader wears his mask.


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