Movie Review – Special 26

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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You should read it as Special Chabbis and not Special twenty six. Something is missing when it’s said as Special 26. Coming to the review, this movie was never in my list in spite of the rumors floating around that Vikram would be remaking it. But I watched it as I didn’t have any option that day because the only realistic option I had was between taxi Driver and this one. I choose the latter wisely as I wasn’t in no mood for such a heavy movie when I had to get up early for next days’ work.


The movie had a curious opening scene. I hated it at first when a group of upright officials were trying to make a raid in a corrupt politician’s house. But the next scene knowing that they all were fake was awesome. From there on Anupum Kher scores. He’s the best part of the movie. Manoj Bajpal does his role perfectly but his character wasn’t well written. As soon as we see him turn back and go home once he leaves his son in school van his characters charm vanishes. In fact the only good scene involving him is when he asks his wife’s cleavage and stares.  Right from there his role becomes type cast of a strict/honest CBI official.

Akhsay Kumar does nothing much to deserve praise but at least doesn’t give his idiotic grin which he does quite liberally for his comedy movies. Kajal on the other hand was irritating. I don’t know what her idea of wearing sari is. One can’t wear sari lower than way she wears. And this she does being a teacher. I’m not saying that all teacher should have a dress code but they do have a similar dress code. I’m okay with someone going out of it but she doesn’t look a least bit interested in the role she does. All that she was interested was to jump into the next song. Thankfully she doesn’t have much screen space but in whatever time span she appears she surely tests our patience.

Out of all the people one guy who does his job quite neatly is Jimmy Shergill. He performs his role as a loser quite brilliantly. I should have guessed the climax twist coming sometime but I never did. Thanks to this guy. Other than the second scene where we discover this group as a bunch of cons and the climax twist there isn’t nothing much to be enjoyed in this movie. In fact the ever laughing Akshay Kumars irritating movies would have been fun to ridicule at least. There were great reviews for Oh My God too, I never wanted to watch that one also. I thought this movie would make me change my mind but it never did. I don’t think it’ll be as good as Tamil movie Arai En 305il Kadavul. There were wagering inconsistencies even in Arai En.. but still the casting and screenplay was good enough to feel us intrigued. Except for the moral story type of ending it really worked for me.

Neeraj Pandey is a good director to take a break from commercial movies but when you expect something more from him he disappoints. He so badly wants to break the mold and everything which he does for that cause ends up being so obvious. Being ambitious is fine but there is a very fine difference between being ambitious and being desperate. He seems to be stepping over the line.

Even though the recruitment scene looks unrealistic, it sure was hilarious. The best of the procedure was when the stammering person who had come for the interview takes Akshay Kumar’s blessings for being selected.


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