Book Review – The Trial

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Book Reviews
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When you try to go out of the comfort zone the first thing that you want to do is quit. When I first ventured into art movies, something serious, it was very difficult to concentrate and also was difficult to understand the complexity. I was so asking questions for each and everything. Every portion would make me ask ‘Why?’ Thankfully I had a friend Pandi who was explaining each and everything. But more than everything he said me this, “If you don’t understand something may be its not meant to be understood.” Those were not his original words but that’s how I’ll remember them. Like how the quote, “Be the change that you want to see in the world,” cemented in my mind seeing in the grave of Scofield than when knowing that as Gandhi’s quote.

the trial

The Trial was one such book where you don’t exactly know what’s happening but you get intrigued to it. You somehow sense genius inside it but couldn’t define it. It generally happens with modern art. But this time I had to make sure. Movie is all about an hour and a half of concentration. But what I read when I do a shaky travel with so much thoughts about so many things I can never be sure if I had read properly and it’s no normal novel. So to check what I had missed I checked Wikipedia. I was shocked that I haven’t missed anything which is quite abnormal. Even with normal movies, books I tend to miss something and get the info from Wikipedia but here I was quite shocked that I had covered everything.

Not only that there were also a string of information like the story was never completed, it wasn’t mentioned what crime K. was subjugated to. So that told me the whole meaning of the book. But in spite of all this if the book still continued to intrigue me then it must really mean something. There were a bunch of bizarre characters starting with K. If in foreign movies it’s the face which confuses me, in foreign literature it’s the name. I could never guess from a name whether it was male or female. So when K. discuss about the person next door. All the while I was thinking that it was a male and suddenly he goes and kisses that person. Only then I got to know that it’s a lady.

Confusions like this was what irritating. I’m absolutely fine with having a court on top of an old building, wife of a court official being intimate with K., a couple of seminude children sexually taunting Titorelli, the painter because I could understand what he’s trying. It’s all these bizarre situations and weird characters which push you beyond the realm of existential forms.

K. is not a character you’ll relate too. You sense his confusion but you really don’t know why he is being troubled by all the people there. There are no one in the book who’s reliable. Not even the narrator himself. Everything is left to up to be judged. Who is good, who is not and everything. But not giving the entire premise even we fail to do so. There are a lot of allegories and symbolism floating around but nothing would make sense if you don’t realize that’s what it was. I didn’t do much research on the symbolisms because I got what I wanted. A leap into the next level of novels.


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